Today’s the Day…Finally the details on the New Tobi Fairley Mastermind Program

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I’ve been promising to tell you about my new and improved Mastermind program and today is the day! So in the spirit of making more money, I’ll give you some lovely and inspiring green photos to look at while you read all about how Mastermind will help you put more “Green” in your pocket!

In just a few months, we will be starting year FOUR of our Mastermind Consulting Group, but we just aren’t willing to wait to introduce all-new and very exciting features. So now that’s it’s almost back to school time, I think this is a perfect moment to get you into learning mode, too!


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You’ve asked for more access to my contacts. You’ve asked for more access to my design processes and systems, and you’ve asked for more accountability so that when you leave Mastermind sessions or listen to my monthly telecalls you actually have a roadmap and accountability to REALLY put these all-important best practices in place.

Well, you’ve asked and we are bringing it to you. And the best news is that for at least a limited period of time, we are not raising the price of Mastermind at all. So many great additions all for less than $800 per month investment for your firm.


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So what does the new Mastermind look like?

Well it still has AMAZING content from me three times a year during our on-site strategy intensives in Little Rock. And you’ll still get 12 monthly telecalls on the hottest topics in the design business or small businesses in general. With 2014’s topics including everything from the design process for the new economy to paying yourself what you really deserve!

As always, you’ll get access to our all-important private Facebook forum where you can converse and collaborate with your Mastermind peers anytime day or night about client issues, the latest sources and trends, pricing questions and more. Many members have said the forum alone is worth the entire year’s Mastermind investment.


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You’ll still get your quarterly small group Q&A telecalls to work with the Team Tobi staff and other members of the Mastermind group who have a similar business size and structure to yours, or who are facing similar challenges. And you’ll be able to have your questions answered there during the live call.

And you will still get access to my 6 Tobi’s Book Club telecalls a year where I give you my “Tobi’s notes” version of my very favorite business books and tell you how to put the key strategies from these great books into place in your business.


(Better Homes and Gardens)

But here’s where it gets really good…

New to the program this year:

  • Action-packed evening and lunch additions to our on-site sessions, with top-shelf keynote speakers from our industry and beyond. So besides just getting my best content three times a year, you will hear from industry and business gurus who will share insights and strategies on topics ranging from creating business systems that really work, licensing, television media, building celebrity brands, outsourcing, putting the fun back in the business, making BIG profits and much, much more. I am bringing my most trusted industry friends and contacts to our on-site sessions and you will get REAL information on how to up-level your business like these top designers, editors, television personalities, and dynamic business owners have done.
  • You asked for accountability, so we are bringing you weekly email contact from Team Tobi to hold you to really making big leaps. We will be sending you monthly and quarterly milestone checklists to measure your accomplishments and help you get much more than your money’s worth by taking more action over a 12-month period than ever before!
  • For nominal additional fees, we will offer add-on course options at each on-site Mastermind session, so while you are already in Little Rock, you can take advantage of your time by taking additional coursework from industry experts on topics ranging from media and video training, social media, project and personal scheduling, understanding and up-leveling your finances, PR and marketing, and more. And if you’ve been in Mastermind and heard it before but need a refresher course, you can totally take advantage of this added-value too.
  • If you are a member of our Deluxe Mastermind level, you will see even more exciting additions and speakers.  You will continue to have hands-on workshops your second day on-site with us (3 times a year), and these meetings will include incredible field trips, working in a very small groups with top shelf industry and business gurus to get all your questions answered, plus your intensive sessions with me and my team for your deluxe content that continues to get RAVE reviews from our deluxe members.
  • And finally, you’ve ask to get access to my real procedures, my real contracts and documents, and my actual systems for running my profitable and nationally-acclaimed design firm, and we will be giving you access to several of these items included in your membership.
  • If all that isn’t already enough, we will be adding Mastermind to our Affiliates program. So whether you are in Mastermind or not, you can get paid to sign people up for this great program. You can easily offset your yearly investment by joining our affiliates program and becoming an extension of our sales team. And wouldn’t you LOVE to get paid to work on your business? It’s a no-brainer right?

All this fabulous content, tried-and-true Mastermind deliverables, and all new additions for accountability, access to industry insiders, top-shelf key note speakers, add-on content while on site to up-level your business, and much, much more starts at our September session.


(Grant Gibson Design)

And on that note, I am excited to announce the all-star lineup for September that you won’t want to miss.

Our on-site session, which is all about Licensing and Sponsorship, will kick off on Monday night Sept. 9 at the Clinton Presidential Library with a VIP tour of the Oscar de la Renta exhibit, followed by a reception. This stunning display is not to be missed.

For Tuesday’s lunch keynote, we are bringing in executives from Kravet and Lee Jofa Fabrics to share with you how the Oscar de la Renta fabric line licensing deal and design concept came together and the glamorous task Kravet and Lee Jofa had of creating a line that was a perfect representation of this fashion icon and his celebrity brand. They will also give us tips and hints for working on licensing and sponsorship deals.

And we have some big surprises in store for our Deluxe level for Day 2 in September. We are putting the final details in place and will be able to announce those really soon. Trust me…It’s BIG!


(Design by Gideon Mendleson)

So have I tempted you enough? Well if you are ready to take the next step to join us in our best year ever of Mastermind, don’t delay another moment. If you want to put more “green” in your pocket, contact our director of sales Brooke Wallace at today. The first 5 people to sign up will get a very special price AND payment plan. Space is limited so don’t delay.

And if you still have questions, I will be giving one more Free Mastermind Preview telecall to tell you in my own words about all of these fabulous and exciting details, next Friday, August 9 at 1pm CST. To register for that very-exciting and totally FREE call, sign up here and we will send you the call in details. But if you are ready to take the leap now, don’t wait for this call as space and our special offers are time sensitive. Contact Brooke today.


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Whew! I can’t even believe this line-up myself and I can hardly wait for you to experience the next 12 months with us. Your life and your business will never be the same.

Let’s leap together!

Xo, Tobi

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    You are going to make a “green” believer out of me yet!! franki

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