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I hope you have enjoyed my Resolutions Recaps over the last 5 days. Thank you for joining me as I share with you my journey to LIVE an inspired life. So how have you measured up to your resolutions for this year so far? Are you still on track? Or are you motivated to get back on the wagon and finish STRONG the second half of this year? Are you committed to really LIVE your best life?

The great news is that we get a chance to get up every single day and hit the reset button. We get to choose every morning to do better than we did the day before. So there is still time to accomplish all that you want to for 2013 and move in 2014 with your personal power in kicking butt mode!


But before you do that, you may need to take a look at what you want in life, what your purpose is, and how you define success. I can assure you, my definition of success has shifted tremendously over the last two years from one of extreme accomplishment to a place of extreme peace, happiness and love.


Here are 10 books that I have read this summer already. And as you will see, my idea of fun isn’t the typical light beach read. I LOVE the work of changing my life and I accomplish that through self-work, reading and study. These 10 books have changed my life in a BIG way this summer. You will notice there is a theme of miracles, love, and purpose to my reading these days. I am working to “lean-in” to my higher purpose and my best self and I am on a quest to live in the present, enjoying each moment. I am excited to say, it is working! I feel like I am in flow more than ever before and I will be telling you more about my shifts in the coming days and weeks, so like the new and improved me, you can come from a place of peace, love and happiness each day.

One (or several) of these books just might give you the insight you need to move beyond being “stuck” and moving into your most successful, peaceful, and happiest year yet…


1. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown–this brilliant book about overcoming shame moves you into strategies for loving yourself and raising a happy, healthy and confident family. One of my favorite parts is Brene’s Family Manifesto, her written mantra for her family so they all love, respect and support each other through life with confidence and grace.



2. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg–you’ve heard all the buzz about this book and I second all the amazing praise for it. If you are a working mom, you won’t want to miss this one. We live in that place of not measuring up to our male colleagues in business but not measuring up to our amazing stay-at-home mom friends too. Sheryl gives you insight on how to make it all work and let’s you off the hook for some of the unrealistic standards we working mom’s measure ourselves against. A MUST read for all women, all men who want to support the success of women, and all parents raising daughters.


3. A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson–based on the famous text, A Course in Miracles (which I am studying as we speak), this brilliant spiritual work helps us become all that God (or Source if you prefer) intends for us to be. Speaking of leaning in, this brilliant call to love ourselves and others helps us lean in to reaching our potential and living a life of happiness and abundance like we can’t even imagine by allowing miracles in our daily lives.


4. My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor–Maybe my favorite book on this whole list, Jill Bolte Taylor is genius. A Harvard Brain Center Ph.D. experienced a stroke and lived to remember it, write about it and share insight into living in a place of peace every day of your life. This profound book helps us understand how the left brain can keep us in a place of drama and pain and the right brain can help us live in the present for peace in the midst of life’s chaos. With a mix of medical insight and psychology, we learn why our brain works a certain way and how we can learn to live in our most peaceful state every day!


5. Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein–The 20 to 30-something’s guide to a Course in Miracles, this is a young and current follow up to Marianne’s A Return to Love. Gabrielle Bernstein, called one of the “new” generation of spiritual leaders, shares her story of addiction to drugs, food and the fast-paced success driven life we are all trying to live, and how A Course in Miracles helped her shift into living in a place of great peace and fulfillment outside of the rat-race in which we feel pulled to compete. By using love of self and others, Gabrielle helps us hear God or our higher being’s call to step into our best self and experience the miracles that are waiting for us every day.


6. Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth–This great book really helped me shift my  thoughts and stop dieting once and for all. I’ve always heard that diets don’t work, but for the first time ever, Geneen’s book helped me realize that I’ve been punishing myself with diets for years and it’s time to replace it with self-love instead. This one is liberating!


7. Start with Why by Simon Sinek–The big question we are all looking for is “what is my purpose”? And Simon’s brilliant book helps you finally figure out “why” you do everything you do and how to use that to create a business or a life that follows your “why” daily and inspire people to join in your quest to change the world.


8. A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson–based on Marianne’s thoughts in A Return to Love and the classic spiritual text, A Course in Miracles, this book helps us realize that our fight is not with food but with loving ourselves and aligning with what God (or whatever you see as your higher being) intends you to be. This book opens your mind to miracles that bring you and your weight into your perfect alignment with ease. Definitely an Ah-ha sort of book if you have had a love-hate relationship with food.


9. I Declare by Joel Osteen–31 daily inspirations by my favorite religious teacher. I Declare helps you to step into your greatness one day at a time with his short, inspirational and uplifting daily mantras, to manifest all you are meant to be.


10. May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein–another daily course that’s 6 solid weeks of life-changing work. Gabrielle takes her teaching in Spirit Junkie and helps you love, forgive, and live to your highest potential based on her study of A Course in Miracles.


And as a Bonus…I am now reading Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer. My favorite guru, I’ve been reading and listening to Dr. Dyer since I was 12. And in this amazing book, I’m learning to align my purpose and opening my heart to manifesting all I am to be in this life and to have my deepest wishes fulfilled.

Whew! Talk about a deep an introspective summer and I LOVE it!


Are you ready to really change your life? Are you ready to really face your fears and step into your greatness to have the best year of your life yet? Are you ready to live each day in a zone of peace, purpose and passion? Are you ready to be fulfilled like never before while kicking that proverbial hamster wheel to the curb? Are you ready to truly love and be loved?

Maybe some of these amazing books will help you move into your best self. They’ve certainly done that for me.

Join me in reaching our potential. We already have what it takes inside of us. We just need to let it out. Let’s do this together.


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p.s. Being that it’s Sunday…don’t miss all the inspiring episodes of Super Soul Sunday on Oprah’s OWN network today.  Super Soul Sunday keeps me inspired every week and at least 7 or 8 of the authors above have been on Oprah’s Sunday shows.

p.p.s And if you want to hear my insights on all my favorite books, you can join me bi-monthly for Tobi’s Book Club. You gain access to Tobi’s Book Club by being a part of either my e-coaching program or my Mastermind Group. To hear more about my Mastermind Consulting Group, join me on Monday, July 22nd for a FREE call. You can register for the call here.


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5 Responses to Tobi’s Summer Reading

  1. KATHYSUE says:

    I am going to check out some of these books and I am also going to share this on my FB page. I just wrote a blog post on Happy Thoughts today…..
    This list of books just goes hand in hand with what I wrote today,
    Thank you Toby for being a positive force in blogland!!

  2. Franki Parde says:

    Gee…and I liked the beach cover up… franki

  3. Tobi;

    You have read some of my favorite books and books that I have just recently read! I read “A Return to Love” years ago and was transformed back then. I think it is time to pick it up again.

    May you enjoy many more reads over the summer and be inspired.

    Take care,

  4. Liz Carroll says:

    Love it Tobi! I am a junkie for your book lists. Just downloaded all of them to my iPad. Going to start on Lean In tonight. THANK YOU for sharing!! xoxo, Liz

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