Tobi Fairley’s Mastermind Consulting Group and a Free Call

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I am so excited because this week was one of the 3 times each year that an AMAZING and talented group of Design Professionals–my Mastermind Consulting Group–converges on my city for learning, networking and major action-taking to reach their career goals and dreams.

These women are rock-stars and my team and I delivered an unbelievable 2 days of “Rock Star” content to help them skyrocket their businesses once again. This session was all about sales, because as I always say, owning a design business is 90% sales and 10% creative and it’s the best sales people, not the best designers, that really make it in our industry and in the world.

What a pleasure it was to mentor and coach these ambitious and accomplished women on how to Sell without being Sales-y. And I was thrilled to have special guest and my friend Lisa Ferguson from Toronto, Canada here to give them a candid and progressive keynote lunch presentation to reinforce my message and bring her fresh and clever ideas to the table based on her many years as both a sales person in the retail sector and her years of Interior Design Success.

Tobi and Lisa Ferguson


Does hearing about this kind of event get you exciting and wanting to take your Design Business to the next level? Do you really want to finally make great money in Design while working in your dream job? Or maybe you are wanting a career change into the design industry and this sounds like exactly the kind of mentoring and support you need to take the leap?

If you want to know more details and specifics not to mention some of the great success stories from my Mastermind Consulting Program, you can hear about it straight from ME.  I am adding a ton of new features and value to the program with an exciting “re-launch” of Mastermind this August. And I’m giving a TOTALLY Free Telecall all about the “NEW” Tobi Fairley Mastermind, the successes we have had over the last 3 years and the new features we are adding for Fall and 2014, PLUS I’ll reveal all the content, topics and telecalls for 2014 along with the dates of the program. If you have been considering joining this Life-Changing and Business-Transforming program, you won’t want to miss the call. And as a bonus, I will give you my Top 5 Authentic Sales Strategies that will earn you your biggest profit in years completely FREE during the call.

So don’t miss hearing all the exciting news about my Mastermind Program for 2013-2014 on that FREE call on Monday, July 22th at 1pm CST. The call is totally free but you do have to register HERE. And as another bonus, if you register for the call I will also send you my 3 Biggest Business Boosters that every small business needs to know to stay relevant and profitable in this New Economy. That will come to you FREE in an email follow-up to the call!

One great program, one TOTALLY Free information-packed call and an amazing bonus just for listening in! What a deal, huh? Can’t wait to “see” you on the call in July. And I hope to work with you in Mastermind beginning this Fall. I promise it will change your business and your life!


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  1. Karen Albert says:

    Wonderful Tobi, what an inspirational and educational weekend!I am amazed at how you have pulled this great group together!

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  2. Franki Parde says:

    Looking GOOD!! franki