Soulful Sunday: All I want for Christmas is Peace

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The year is almost done. I’m tired of planning and pushing and performing. I am ready to go with the flow. I am open to what comes.


My heart and my gut know what’s right for me. So trust is what I am going to do. Will you?


And I know that to have all I want, I need to give thanks for all I have.


And to fulfill my purpose, I need to spend more time in my sweet spot.


And I have no doubt that what will be will be. I am not in control so I might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.


And speak less so I can truly hear my calling.


So I can find calm in the midst of life no matter how busy things get.


And can have the resilience to ignore the mind and only hear the soul.


I can hear it most when I am at rest. Surrounded by the people and the pets and the things that I love.


And that rest starts today.


Happy December Y’all. All I want for Christmas is peace…on Earth and in life. I know my peace begins with me. Wishing you inner peace this holiday season.


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2 Responses to Soulful Sunday: All I want for Christmas is Peace

  1. KATHYSUE says:

    Tobi, you are wise beyond your years. Age has taught me that life is short and to stay in the moment and ENJOY THE PROCESS.
    With work, careers, young families, life can take us over sometimes. There needs to be balance in body, soul and mind. When we get out of balance nothing seems right.
    Sometimes it helps to keep a log of how many hours we spend on the different areas of our life to see where we need to more time. I have found that if I am not grounded in God I am off balance in all things. More power to you sweet girl finding your balance.

  2. Diane Dyhan says:

    I’m feeling Zen after this post :-) I think we’re all in love with the color gray because it allows us not to be so black and white with our decisions; it just goes with the flow. Enjoy peace when and where you can find it during this joyful season and don’t let “choosing the perfect color” sweater, tie, pillow, bring stress to your sweet spot. Hugs

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