Markergirl: Mom on the Go with Karen Davis, A Pinterest Feature

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Hi there! It’s Ashley, and I’m back again with another great pinboard feature. Today’s is a board shared by Tobi and Karen Davis, another of our inspired Mastermind members!

As these pins will show you, Karen is sending the message loud and clear that there is indeed such a thing as a luxurious and FUN family home!

Enjoy these selected pins, and find more over on the pinboard!

See? Kid friendly does not have to mean down-graded or disposable! Thank you, Karen!

Until tomorrow,


p.s. Have the branded pinboards I’ve shared this week piqued your curiosity about Tobi’s Masterming group consulting services? If so, you can learn more by watching the video below.

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5 Responses to Markergirl: Mom on the Go with Karen Davis, A Pinterest Feature

  1. Wonderful pins!! Congrats Karen. Your niche is clear to me:). Xo

  2. Thanks for sharing and giving me the opportunity to be featured on the blog. I love Mastermind and all that it has done to help me with my business!

  3. I love Karen Davis! She is so talented and such a nice person and someone I am happy to call a friend!

  4. Kim Hoegger says:

    Love MARKERGIRL! Great job Karen!

  5. Franki Parde says:

    Again, great photos! Luv’d the colored eggs on the “pin board.” Cute! franki