A to Z Gets a Spring Cleaning!

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

[The photos in this post are some of Tobi’s recent pins on Pinterest. For more, check out her boards, HERE. All images are linked.]

I know Tobi has been hinting about some exciting transformations, in keeping with this month’s theme, and she gave me permission before she left on vacation to spill one of her little secrets!

As you likely already know, Tobi offers interior design trainings, and her signature event for Design Lovers is Design A to Z. In this three-day session, Tobi really gives an enthusiasts and those hoping to become more confident in their professional design work her TOTAL take on creating gorgeous interiors.

Many people have attended Design A to Z and have seen their own designs transformed by what they’ve learned. Tobi doesn’t teach you how to design like HER, she teaches you how she approaches design so that you can find your own groove! And if these trainings are known for anything, it’s Tobi’s 100% transparency; she doesn’t believe in trade secrets.

And the BIG transformation that she has in store for Design A to Z is a new take on teaching design. Rather than organizing the amazing information she gives by topic, she has developed a systematic approach to design that will equip you to make EVERY design choice like a real pro. Rather than content segments, she’s actually revised the content to give you the STEPS to take when faced with design dilemmas!

This shift may seem subtle, I realize, but think about it like this: Would you rather Tobi teach you about types of window treatments OR would you rather she give you a tactic for choosing window treatments for a room, group of rooms, or for an entire home? Rather than teaching you a tiny slice of everything she knows about interior design (which is a lot), she is NOW going to give you the strategies you need to execute an effective design. See the difference? A map instead of an encyclopedia!

It has involved a complete overhaul of the content, and all of the information is still there, but NOW it’s action oriented, ready to be put into practice.

We are so excited to be launching this NEW version of A to Z on May 7-9th! This content has never been fresher OR more useful! If you are a hobbyist or pro who needs a firm grounding in all of the basics, or if you’ve been designing a while but you could really use an inspirational revival, you must come to Design A to Z this Spring!

You can learn much more about the session HERE, and as we reveal more details about how we’ve freshened-up the whole thing, you’ll realize even MORE that you just can’t miss it! It’s going to be so much DESIGN and so much FUN! I’ll see you there.

And…before I go I want to give the biggest virtual HUG to all of you who made me feel so welcome as Tobi’s Blogsitter this week!! I know you come here for HER, but you’ve been very gracious and kind. So…until you come meet all of the staff at camp…so long!




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  1. Franki Parde says:

    We JUST drove past “Little Rock” and much to my husband’s surprise…I opened the window and shouted, “Hello, Tobi!!” You’ve got to keep “hubbies” on their toes! Luv’d the photos you just displayed! franki