28 Days of Love: Day Seven-The Evernote App

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It’s a well-known fact that, although I am a gadget and social media lover–I much prefer keeping notes and lists on paper. Even my BIGGEST brainstorming work happens with a pen and paper! So imagine my excitement when I learned that with the handy-dandy notebook/organizing app Evernote, I can photograph those notes and then access and search them from my iPhone, iPad,  or laptop no matter where I am! I can’t begin to describe my relief from not having to make sure I have every “important” scrap of paper with me at all times to stay productive. This app is doing much more than keeping me organized: it’s simplifying and de-cluttering my life! And simpler+uncluttered=BETTER. It creates more peace in my life and more space in my day for MORE ideas!

No matter what tool you use, give yourself permission today to streamline your life and maximize your productivity and let GO of the clutter. It’s just paper noise!


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One Response to 28 Days of Love: Day Seven-The Evernote App

  1. My hubby thanks you. Every surface of my home, office and car has a pile of “ultra important” notes on scraps of paper. haha