28 Days of Love: Day Nineteen – Malachite

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I am no geologist, but Malachite, it seems to me, is one of nature’s wonders that proves the point that masterpieces are well worth the wait. This gorgeous stone is formed from copper deposits in just the right conditions (temperatures, pressures, moistures) for just the right amount of TIME. And malachite? LOVE it!

The lesson here? Becoming takes time. And, as I work to embrace my destiny and to help my coaching group members embrace theirs, I am constantly remembering and relearning patience with the timeline of the universe. A lesson which makes me also LOVE this definition of hope…

So the journey of life is all about finding your groove somewhere between taking charge and relaxing into your destiny. I’m working on it. Are you?


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One Response to 28 Days of Love: Day Nineteen – Malachite

  1. Coby says:

    Great lesson! I just started upholstering my dining chairs with malachite fabric…after reading this post I will now be looking at those chairs a little more deeply 🙂