2013 Resolutions…Giving Birth to Inspired Ideas on Design,Business and Self-Care

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Well, today is the day…My Resolutions are here in this post for all the world to see. And I have to say this has been one of the most difficult years for me to get them on paper. It’s been like giving birth. If I am being honest, I have to admit that part of that pressure comes from not knowing what to write (I know, many of you are saying to yourself right now…”Duh, she’s just now figuring out that’s what’s stressful about resolutions!?!?!?”). But you see, I pride myself on being the “Resolutions Girl”. The New Year is just about my favorite time in the world. Time to set goals and hit the ground running and don’t stop until you reach them, right?

But this year is different for me. How, you ask? Well I’m at a crossroads or maybe it’s a fork in the road (is there a difference?) And I’ve known this was coming for a while. Call it turning 40, call it a mid-life crisis opportunity, call it getting older…call it whatever you want, but a change has been coming for months and it just hit me at the New Year like a ton of bricks.


Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing. It’s really a great thing. You see, that fork in the road has many tines and they all lead to awesome opportunity. But the tough part is “Which one do I chose?” I can’t choose them all. Why is this so much more difficult than any other year?

Well, let me tell you why. Each year, my resolutions, or at least a few of them (let’s call them the big four) are easy because some part of them are always the same. Lose weight. Get healthy. Get my finances in order. Get organized. Then there are several other things any given year that I add to the list. I make just enough progress on the “Big Four” to make me feel accomplished, finish most of the other ones and give myself a BIG pat on the back. Yay, ME!! Then I start it all over again the next year.

But this year, I have ACTUALLY accomplished the Big 4. Completely. Every stinking one of them. I want to jump for joy and run around the block (and I’m healthy enough that I actually could now!) and scream at the top of my lungs and do a happy dance! I DID IT!!! Oh CRAP! I Did it. What now? Where is my identity. It was wrapped up in needing to accomplish the BIG 4. When I lose weight I will ____. When I have money I will ____. When I am Organized I will_____. And I know you are probably thinking those are all great problems to have. And I would agree. But what in the heck do I want now? Where am I heading? And with whom? And how?

But so is life that with every solution comes another challenge, right?. With every hill you top, in front of you lies the next mountain to climb. With every rung of the ladder you scale the next rung stands before you. So when I say challenge, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it’s still a “thing” to be determined. A decision to be made. And decisions are hard. Especially when you have so many options!

So here I stand with my “Big 4 accomplished” and I am in the exact same place as you are when setting your goals…Square One.


The World is my Oyster I guess, but which path leads me to the pearl and which pearl is it I’m looking for?


Ironic isn’t it? I bet this is how my design clients feel when they have SO many options for their home and don’t know which ones to pick. I think that is SO easy. Yet, here I sit with SO many options and I am paralyzed. Yes, me. I admit it. Paralyzed! Stuck. Frozen. Scared?…Yes. maybe, even scared.

My past pattern has been to go after things with major drive and ambition. Throw caution to the wind and jump in with both feet.  I went after everything I ever set my mind to. And I went at it at 100 miles per hour. I usually got to my destination quickly, but damn near killed myself (and everyone else in the process).

Now I am looking at life differently. It’s not about things. It’s about moments. I am looking to be inspired. Looking for meaning. And Serenity. And Peace. I am opening up my heart and my mind and my eyes to what the world, God and the Universe are presenting to me. But praying for clarity all the while.

And I have a small secret…Shhhh! I have to admit I have lost a bit of passion for design in the last few years. Just this week someone said to me “Oh you are still planning on working in design? I thought you were just heading towards being the next Oprah and design was part of your past!”

Wow, that really struck a cord in me. Design in my past? No Way! But I DO want to be Oprah. I just want to be Oprah AND Nate. All rolled into one. So maybe Design has lost a bit of luster for me over the past few years, but 2013 is the year to get it back! And design is not the only thing that’s suffered in my life.  But this year,2013, this is the time to fill my heart back up..fill it with love for design, and love for working with others, and love for myself and my vision and my passion.

This is what I want for 2013–I want to be Inspired! And I want TO Inspire! That’s it. 2 things really. So that should be simple, huh? Well, maybe. Ok…not totally.

In 2012, I changed my health, my weight, my demeanor, my schedule, and my approach to life really.  So now here’s the tough part. How do I maintain all that AND move forward too?

Well I’ve got a few ideas. They were hard to come by. It would have been a lot easier to just flip a coin. But, FINALLY after days of wrangling with all this. After suffering and searching, I have finally “given birth” to a few ideas that may just make my new year all I want it to be. Wait, I said that wrong. These ideas WILL make the new year all I dream of!!!!!

So with all that in mind, and days weeks of agonizing over it all, Here are my 2013 Inspired Resolutions—There are only five (shocking I know!)

1. I want to will savor the moment. Every moment. I want to slow down. Be in the present and truly experience and remember every meal, every sunset, every workout, every word my daughter says. Presence. Enlightenment. Inspired Living!

2. I want to will savor time with those I love. Particularly my parents. They are still young, but life is short and none of us ever know how much time we have here. So while they are young enough and all of us healthy, I want to have a lunch date with each of them every month and take a trip with each of them independently every year starting this year. Something that celebrates our common interests. Just the two of us. There are years of memories still to make, if we are lucky. So let’s get to making them. Time for living with No regrets.  And this applies not just to my parents, but with all those important people in my life…Friends and Family. Inspired Travel!

3. Starting now, I  want to will only work with design clients (AND consulting clients) whose life’s philosophy is aligned with my philosophy of inspired living, inspired working and self-care. I am so passionate about my new way of living and it just can’t be separated from my work.  I want to create spaces that support inspired living for others, designed right down to the tiny details that allow them to savor their life’s moments too. I want to create Inspiration for the Business of Design and I want to design inspired businesses, so other creatives can live a life of meaning and purpose while achieving their dreams. Inspired Design.

4. This year, I want to will subscribe to the 4 hour work week concept of effective over efficient. It’s NOT about doing as much as possible even if doing it efficiently. The glorification of busy is OVER!  Now it’s about ONLY doing what is absolutely necessary to reach my goals. Cut through the clutter. Cut through the Noise. Multitasking is over-rated. So I will, in as few hours as possible, create Inspired Design and continue nurturing my rapidly growing consulting business and leave the rest of my life for Inspired Living (or starting new Inspired companies with Inspiring people–yes, I’m still an entrepreneur!) I will use my time at work only for the important stuff, and everything else must go so I can Live…truly LIVE. In the present. Inspired Business.

5. I want to will give back to others in a way that inspires them and inspires me too. I have been so very blessed by many in my life. And it’s time to Pay it Forward. I will incorporate a component of giving back into my daily life and my work life. It’s my responsibility and my inspiration. It fills my soul and the souls of others. Inspired Giving.

So here they are… Inspired Living. Inspired Travel. Inspired Design. Inspired Business. Inspired Giving.

And on this beautiful and sunny Sunday, I’ve got some Inspiring to do. See you later!

Happy 2013! xo,


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7 Responses to 2013 Resolutions…Giving Birth to Inspired Ideas on Design,Business and Self-Care

  1. Lisa Mende says:

    Beautifully said and I know you…it will all be accomplished! You will even stop to grab the hands of those like me, to join you on your journey! You inspire me daily!

  2. Franki Parde says:

    You GO girl!!! franki

  3. Wendy Kelly says:

    I am so proud of you!! I remember our conversation at the end of Designer MBA class (March 2012)and the advice that we gave each other. Look at how your life has changed. Love you friend 🙂

  4. Angela Shepherd says:

    So disappointed to get your posts and find lots and lots of quotes and inspirational sayings instead of more design and decorating pictures. Would love to see more pictures of your work or more direction with paint, de-cluttering, furniture, room arrangements, etc.

  5. Diane Dyhan says:

    Oprah and Nate? You will be loved by everyone and sharing ah-ha moments around the world! I can’t wait to see, read, hear, feel and share what will be next.
    All the best to you!!!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Tobi, a wonderful post! I wish you the best achieving your goals. I think living and inspired life is wonderful, savor each moment with your daughter and your parents! I wrote my post today on living with gratitude this year and hopefully in the years to come. Not that I am not grateful but I mean living and savoring moments, and time and appreciating all the blessing I have on a daily basis.

    Have a wonderful Master Design class, those 25 people are blessed to be with you, learning from your mistakes and experience!


  7. dawns says:

    Glad you like my Celebrate Everyday Moments print…you can find it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/71879588/cupcake-sprinkles-celebrate-everyday