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28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Eight – House Beautiful Instant Room

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Today I’m feeling so much LOVE and gratitude for this feature of a Dining Room design of mine that is in the current issue of House Beautiful! I am always thrilled and honored to appear in this gorgeous publication. I created the design as part of their “Instant Room” series (I LOVE this series!!), which showcases a design vision and then describes a handful of the most fabulous products incorporated in the design.

What’s especially inspiring about this moment in every design project for me is that it holds such great potential: it’s right on the brink and only requires ACTION. Now that I’ve envisioned this room and identified what products will bring it to life, there’s a clear path to the total design realization. YET without action, this is where all the progress stops. And if this vision didn’t exist but we just started purchasing merchandise willy-nilly and patching a room together it would probably never become a truly beautiful and functional room.

So…you just can’t take any part out of the VISION+ACTION = RESULTS equation or the whole thing falls apart! Where in life do you find you need a clearer sense of vision? Or is there a part of life that you have vision but just can’t get moving? Infuse both into any project and you will see success!


28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Seven – Tory Burch Logo Buckle Bracelet

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I really really LOVE this Tory Burch bracelet! I received it as a gift, and it’s a perfect solution to the problems that always seem to keep me from truly enjoying my bracelets. I always see them and want them (ooooh pretty!), but then I get busy typing on the computer and they get a little uncomfortable and awkward and I inevitably end up taking them off. (Does anyone else have this same problem?! How irritating!) But this fun cuff is soft on the back (no discomfort) and blingy on the front, which totally solves my problem: fabulousness meets comfort!

This dream combo of structure and flexibility is also a recipe for success in business AND for life. Rigidity does not work in life, because things in life are never static and never totally under control. Life is always moving! But I also can’t just totally “go with the flow” and never set any intentions or goals, because I want to grow into my potential and live the life of my dreams!

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." - Joseph Campbell #quote I learned this lesson late!  It's tricky to balance the need for goals at the same time as flexibility to accept plans for you may be different.

So it seems there’s a paradox here that’s absolutely necessary for happiness and fulfillment: hold on and let go, plan and then edit, sometimes steer and sometimes drift. I think this is what people mean when they say life is a dance, and I’m pretty sure that those who get the most out of life know to lead at times and to follow at others, staying always responsive to the rhythm of the music of life!


Extra Dose of Love for Today!!

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I have been trying to only share with you my LOVE in February, but I just can’t miss the opportunity to also express my deep and sincere gratitude for all of the amazing publications I’ve contributed to or been featured in for this month!! It’s an honor and a joy each and every time, and I’ll bring you more details on each one of these in March!

It’s also an amazing coincidence to be blessed with so many publications at once because my WHOLE office is buzzing right now with preparations for the premiere of my all-new  Camp Tobi Fairley event: The Journey to Getting Published! I’ve made a very special offer that I definitely don’t want you, my amazing blog readers, to miss out on!

As a VERY special offer for the premiere session of this new Camp Tobi Fairley event, I have offered just 10 tickets to campers who will get to Bring a Friend for FREE! Will you be one of these fortunate few? Sign up now!

At this exciting event we are going to cover every step of getting published: from project planning and photo styling all the way to maximizing press and publicity exposure when your projects are on newsstands, both virtual and print!

No other topic has been requested as much as this one, and this will be the ONLY time I offer this content in this type of training! SO many design professionals are paralyzed by intimidation when it comes to photographing, pitching, and publishing their work. It is a demanding undertaking, and it can be extremely stressful if you don’t approach it with the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need!

This 3-day, intensive session with me and an expert panel of special guests will give YOU an insider’s perspective on how to take your best design projects straight to the editorial calendars of top local, regional, and national magazines and high-profile online publications. THIS training can be the push you need to create a transformation in your business; it can be the moment at which you embrace your wildest dreams as your business goals!

When you work with me at The Journey to Getting Published, you will learn to:

  • Identify the inner work you must do, mentally and emotionally, to prepare for the vulnerability and exposure that the submission and publication process entails.
  • Clearly envision your goals for publication and establish a timeline for achieving them by taking ACTION, starting NOW!
  • See your BEST projects through the camera’s lens and edit your designs to printable perfection with Tobi’s transformational styling tips!
  • Make KEY connections to find a photographer whom you can trust with every project and build a productive and open relationship with him or her.
  • Review photos in the cutting room with an editor’s eye to select the most dramatic shots for pitching to publications.
  • Network and build dynamic relationships with the key contacts in your local, regional or national publications and the main online movers and shakers.
  • Pitch your projects with professionalism, polish, and confidence.
  • Communicate effectively with editorial staff from pitch to publication.
  • Amplify your coverage and create a buzz around the release of virtual or print publications.
  • Maintain your reputation as a creative and viable source for stunning content in the world of design publications.

If you’re ready to achieve maximum visibility for your best work; if you’re ready to achieve celebrity designer status; if you’re ready to embrace the recognition you have earned with your best creative work then you’re READY to join me for The Journey to Getting Published!

What is especially exciting about this premier session of The Journey to Getting Published is that I’ll be joined by a few KEY experts from the various phases of publication, who will share their unique perspectives with our group!

Krissa Rossbund, Senior Style Editor at Traditional Home magazine, is coming to share her unique perspective on how to work effectively with an editorial staff to take your best projects from pitch to publication and beyond!

Krissa Rossbund is an award-winning journalist who feels right at home at Traditional Home. After all, it’s the magazine where she started her career and has evolved from staff intern to Senior Style Editor.

Krissa is a lifestyle and trend expert who reports on today’s modern homeowners—how they decorate, how they entertain, how they live—to shape each issue of Traditional Home into its tagline, Classic Taste. Modern Life. Her range of expertise covers merchandising, showhouses, entertaining, and most important, families with beautiful, timeless, and welcoming dwellings.

Throughout her tenure at Traditional Home, Krissa has become an authority on showhouse production, and has helped orchestrate showhouses including the Meredith Corporation 100th Anniversary Design House and the Designs on Downtown Showhouse, both in Des Moines, and projects in both Dallas and New York that supported Traditional Home’s Built for Women campaign to benefit the Susan G. Komen Fooundation. During it’s five-year run, Krissa also served as the editorial director for Decorator Showhouse, a Traditional Home supplemental publication, and currently oversees the most extensive national showhouse coverage on the market.

Krissa frequently speaks to readers and designers at showrooms, design centers, retail venues, and marketing-initiated events and programs across the country about traditional design and how it absorbs great ideas from a variety of sources, styles, and eras and gives new verve to the classics.

Krissa has received national recognition for her work, including the 2006 and 2008 HOME award, given by the International Home Furnishings Alliance for exceptional coverage of the home furnishings industry.

An Iowa native, Krissa graduated from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in magazine journalism and a Masters degree in media law.

Ronda Carman, the design eye behind the world-famous blog, All the Best, has changed the date and location of the US launch of her hot-off-the-presses book so that the exciting celebration can happen with YOU, at The Journey to Getting Published Camp! And every attendee to our high-profile event will receive a FREE copy of the book, Designers At Home: Personal Reflections on Stylish Living and a chance to meet Ronda (along with Sandy Gilbert Freidus, her editor at Rizzoli Books!) and have Ronda sign your book, LIVE at the event!!

Ronda spent 15 years in the world of marketing and nonprofits prior to founding All the Best Blog in 2007. A lifelong love of design, travel, food – along with a growing collection of books and magazines – was the catalyst for establishing All the Best.

After moving to Scotland and discovering a shortage of storage space, Ronda decided that launching a blog to explore her musings and findings was a much easier option than moving to a larger flat.

What started out of necessity has become an expansive lifestyle blog visited by thousands of regular readers in over 100 countries. All the best has garnered press from around the globe, including Fox News (named one of the top ten design blogs in 2010), ELLE Decor, House Beautiful, domino, Southern Living, Real Simple, RUE, Home Plus Scotland and numerous regional, national and international newspapers.

All the best blog is renowned for it’s insightful interviews and profiles with industry icons, entrepreneurs and global tastemakers, as well as for the feature called “Soup on Sunday,” which is now one of the most distinguished weekly blog features. Started after her son suggested the idea, this weekly posting reflects Ronda’s long-standing ritual of making soup each Sunday.

Ronda is the author of the forthcoming book Designers at Home: Personal Reflections on Stylish Living (Rizzoli 2013), contributing writer for Huffington Post, New York Social Diary and a reviewer for the prestigious Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hotel Collections.

A Texan by birth, Ronda live with her family in Scotland and divides time between the United Kingdom, the United States and the window seat of an airplane.

My hands-down most-preferred professional photographer, Nancy Nolan, is joining us to show you how to work with a pro to get great shots that showcase your design work!

Nancy is an artistic commercial photographer with over 20 years of experience. In 1997, Nancy established her home in Little Rock, Arkansas and opened Nola Studios, now Nancy Nolan Photography.

Nancy’s portfolio reflects her vast experience in fashion, food, design, portrait and commercial photography. Her work has been featured in regional and national magazines. Her two books, The Candlelit Home and Candlelit Christmas, co-authored with John Terrell Fry and published by Harry Abrams in New York, received good reviews in the home decor market. The former title is now in its fourth printing.

Nancy attended the Art Institute of Atlanta. The first sixteen years of her career, she was based in Atlanta and Birmingham working with clients throughout the Southeast United States.

This amazing content, which will serve as the groundwork for every photo shoot and project pitch in your professional future, is now available to you for only $2399!

AND…you MUST act NOW, because YOU can still be one of the 10 people who register the chance to Bring a Friend for FREE to The Journey to Getting Published!** So, if the two of you split the cost between you, that’s a ticket to camp for $1,199.50!! An unbelievable deal for SUCH valuable information!


What does a ticket to this event include? Glad you asked!

For The Journey to Getting Published event, you’re in for:

  • Three days of powerful information and motivation from me and my exciting guests from the publishing world and from the field of photography!
  • Two lively cocktail parties, perfect for networking and building lasting connections with other design industry professionals! One of these is the US launch party for Ronda Carman’s brand new book, where you will have your copy (complimentary to all camp registrants) signed by Ronda herself!
  • Breakfast and lunch for all three days of your experience, and cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at both of the first two evening events!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact the Camp Tobi Fairley team via email ( or call us at 501.868.9882.

We could not be more excited about this new event, and we know YOU are too! Don’t wait until this special offer ends; get your ticket (and a FREE one!) today!!

** In order to take me up on this amazing Bring a Friend for Free offer, you must find a friend on your own and identify that person as your friend at the time you register. When you bring a friend for free, only the paid registrant will receive a free copy of Ronda Carman’s book, but don’t worry because there will be plenty available to purchase!

Alright, so let’s make plans to work together at The Journey to Getting Published!!


28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Six – Engraved IPad/IPod

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Today, I’m loving the fact that iPads and iPod Touch devices can be engraved! I’ve mentioned a couple of times this month how fond I am of personalization and monogramming, BUT what I especially LOVE about these engravings is that they can be a saying, quote, or mantra that you see each and every time you use your device. What a smart way to infuse your life with inspiration!

The idea of repeating, focusing-on, and meditating with a mantra in mind is that you can transform your thoughts and behaviors and change your life! Repeated over and over, an idea can really BECOME part of you in this way! That’s a lot to wrap your mind around, but I’m a real believer!!

#Motivation #Change #Thoughts #Mind #World

So, if you were to have a mantra–a word or phrase you want to use to drive real change in your life–what would it be?


28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Five – Angel Cards

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Today, I’m LOVING Angel Cards! Have you ever seen these? My yoga instructor will sometimes bring around a box full of these little cards with experience words printed on them along with pretty little angels. It is supposed to help you set your intention for the class or for the day. And it’s really amazing how I can always connect the cards I draw directly with what’s going on in my life! The message is usually so profound and such a need I’m having that the whole experience just reminds me of how inter-connected my thoughts and experiences are with everything else in the universe! And taking a moment in the midst of a serene moment, judgement-free, to meditate on a word that’s resonating with me where I am in my life, can be so powerful and calming!

It’s truly remarkable! Just one moment of awareness and directing my thoughts toward one of these Angel Card words releases strife and brings me so much happiness! And that’s because: