Planning for Success in 2012

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Well if you’ve been here already this week, you know I am taking you on a tour through my resolutions, plans, and dreams for 2012. Yesterday was about my resolutions. Today we are looking at my plans. And boy do I have a list of plans!

People often tell me my accomplishments are “Awesome”. How can I do it all? Well my answer…Planning! One of my favorite quotes is “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail, and I believe 100% that with the proper planning you can be “Awesome” too!

If you can perceive it, you can achieve it, right? So for my plans (different from my resolutions which are traits or habits that I want to improve), this is a list of things that I have imagined and then decided to start, do, or accomplish in 2012. In one of my favorite books, Hard Goals, Mark Murphy teaches you that creating “realistic” goals and plans is only holding you back. You gotta go big people, and that is something that I can definitely do!


So, today I am bringing you a list of Big (and small) things I am taking action on this year to get to where I ultimately want to be.

And here they are…

My second One Kings Lane Sale–In less than 2 weeks, my second offering of products on the AMAZING One Kings Lane site is happening. It’s just around the corner. What a fun way to kick off 2012, right? Look for my sale Tastemaker Tag Sale on Saturday, January 14th.

Update my blog–I’m not necessarily talking a new look, but I want to switch things up a bit. It’s been in its current state for over a year now, so I think we need to add a little spice, don’t you?

Add more Video–One way we will be making all our sites more exciting this year, is by adding more video.  I want to bring you into my projects and experiences in an all new way.

Introduce a revision to InBox Interiors–My e-design site has been going strong for well over a year now, so I think it’s time to give it a new twist or two. Have any ideas of what you’d like to see added, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Plus I have a few exciting ideas of my own.

Travel to Morocco–Thanks to an invitation from the Design Investors, I will be traveling to Marrakech this year for the Design Leadership Summit. Now this is really stepping outside my typical travel plans.  I can’t wait for this adventure.

Dering Hall–I am so excited to be partnering with Dering Hall with a storefront this year. And being a part of some of their upcoming featured sales with Hearst Magazines is another highlight. If you don’t yet know about Dering Hall, the brand new marketplace showcasing the work and product of the nation’s hottest designers and artisans, then 2012 is the time for you to check it out!

Launch new Design Camps, Teleseminars, and E-books–I am thrilled to be bringing you more of my knowledge on both design and the business of design this year in a variety of ways and a variety of price points. I hope this will make me more accessible to more of you.

Create an All-new Tobi Fairley and Associates Website–So you can know much more about what we offer in the way of coaching, seminars, camps and more, stay tuned for an All-New website in the next few months. 

Pitch 5 projects or more to local and national media–I am excited to have at least 5 great projects that finished up over the last year and I am now ready to photograph and pitch to my favorite magazines…Wish me luck!

Introduce New Fabric Patterns and other Tobi Fairley designed Products to Tobi Fairley Home–I have some very exciting new patterns and other great products that I am bringing to Tobi Fairley Home. Stay tuned for these gorgeous new offerings coming really soon.

Launch products with 2 or more other manufacturers–My collaboration with Hickory Chair went so well in 2011, I am excited to be collaborating with 2 or more of my favorite vendors to bring you other products this year. I think you are going to love them.

More exciting speaking engagements–So far I am scheduled to speak at the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles in February, the International Window Coverings Expo in Chicago this April, and an Interior Design Society Conference in Naples, Florida in May. I’m talking to several other venues about appearing at their events in 2012 too.  I hope to see you at one of these great events this year. If you are interested in booking me for your event, give me a ring!

Work on several new projects–I have the exciting privilege of starting several fabulous new projects this year including a hotel and a great high-rise penthouse. Stay tuned for more on these dreamy spaces.

San Francisco or Bust!–I’m heading with my family to San Francisco for the US Open golf tournament this June. Well for me it will be less about golf, and more about wine, art, shopping,and friends! But I am so excited that I’ll be with my family (about 15 of us) on this exciting trip to one of my favorite cities this summer.

Celebrating a new book–Some of my work is coming out in an exciting new book this year with Susanna Salk by Rizzoli. I am so honored to be included and I will be excited to celebrate the launch in just a few months.

I can hardly wait to bring you more exciting Holiday products this year (I know, I know…we just finished Christmas 2011). A full line of Holiday products will be out in September this year so you have plenty of time to buy before your holiday decorating and gift giving.

Buh Bye Comfort Zone–I am thrilled to be doing some serious work with my business coach in 2012, plus I’m heading to several new business conferences this year. I can’t imagine a year without learning so that is definitely on my list for 2012. And my coach has a way of pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone (which is pretty darn hard to do).  No rest for the weary, right?!? But this will mean BIG mental shifts are on tap for me in 2012. And I say…”Bring it on!”

R and R–Lots of weekends at the river and the lake will be included this year to rest and re-energize between all this work, travel, and living outside my comfort zone. I’ll need some river views and relaxing weekends to bring me back down to earth, I think.

So there you have them, my plans so far for 2012.  Yes, its a lot, but this is only part of what I will take on this year.  Does it scare me? Not too much, but I’ve been planning and accomplishing like this for years. It seems the more I put on my plate, the more I accomplish. And after all, if we aren’t pushed out of our comfort zone we’ll never make the leap to where we want to be.

So what are you planning and doing in 2012 to get you out of your comfort zone and into your sweet spot? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Planning and Happy New Year. Join me tomorrow for some dreaming. It’s gonna be..well, Dreamy! xoxo, Tobi

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12 Responses to Planning for Success in 2012

  1. Sarah Cain says:

    You are always an inspiration to me. I look forward to pushing out of my comfort zone as well this year, as a matter of fact I have already been putting my action plan to work! Thanks for the leadership! Sarah Cain

  2. Excited for you. They all look great. Happy New Year!

  3. Wow! Is all I can say! May the force be with you!

  4. You are one smart , focused and inspiring young woman ! I love everything about you !

  5. Amy says:

    So exciting!! Looking forward to hearing all about those amazing adventures!! Can’t wait for the next OKL sale¡!

  6. You are right on target with including video. I am feeling the same. If you have not already, check out GMA contributor, Tory Johnson via I attended her Small Business Bootcamp last month and there was much talk about video. What a fantastic way to include our clients, potential clients and blog followers in the design process. Best of always inspire me.
    Rachel Hazelton

  7. Franki Parde says:

    This is “all” breathtaking…I just like the “green tag with the pretty ribbon”…and the “Yay” colors! franki

  8. Melissa Edwards says:

    Where does one find a business coach?

  9. Cara says:

    Tell us more about working with a coach.

  10. Rhonda Drye says:

    Would you ever be willing to share more deets about how you do your daily/weekly planning to accomplish so much? I have the big picture covered but can’t get to execution because I’m overwhelmed. You are inspiring me with your posts (just bought the strengths finder book!).

    Rhonda Dry

  11. Happy New Year to you! I’ve just found your blog and really like the inspiring books you listed as well as the fact that you’re planning on going to Morocco. My sweetheart and I will be taking our first trip together there in March for 10 days! It’s been a dream for both of us and now, we’re going! Congratulations to you! Gotta’ go now, I have more things to read on your lovely blog. Ciao!

  12. Woah your blog is actually great i enjoy looking through your site content. Remain on the good work! You already know, a lot of person’s will be tracking spherical with this facts, you may help these people drastically.