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I’m so excited about what I get to share with you today!

For years I’ve been cooking-up plans for a business coaching opportunity that would keep  professionals in the design industry motivated and inspired year-round, especially those who aren’t quite ready to invest the time and resources that a group coaching program like Tobi Fairley Mastermind demands. That high-intensity level of group consulting definitely pays for itself in short order, but sometimes people prefer to test the waters first before diving right in!

For this group of professionals–either new to business consulting or simply curious about what my consulting staff and I have to offer–I’m pleased to present:

What is e-coaching you ask? Let me tell you my vision!

We are going to stay in touch, you and me, with weekly emails from me and my experienced consulting staff!*

  • Each month will start out with me presenting my take on a fundamental business concept (niche marketing, ideal clients, fees vs. hourly rates, etc) in a short but content-driven “lesson” format.
  • The following week, I’ll provide you with one or more tools you need to apply those concepts and hold yourself accountable to taking ACTION!
  • Next, I’ll offer inspiration for keeping your personal life and your work life in balance, making sure you are building not only a business that can succeed, but ALSO a body, mind, and spirit that can take you all the way to the TOP!
  • Finally, each month I will offer you a bit of motivation for your business, an idea or perspective that has kept me on the path to continuous improvement in my work and in the leadership of my design firm.

And that’s NOT all! Your e-coaching membership also automatically enrolls you in my all-new book club. It’s a reading group that’s new for 2013, and I am SO pumped to share my all-time BIGGEST “ah-ha!” books with YOU! Each year we will cover six books; we will read and then I’ll share with you my biggest takeaways from each book on a telecall! I never stop learning from different business gurus, profound thinkers and lifestyle experts, and I’ve chosen the SUPERSTARS from my library to share and to inspire you to live into your FULL potential!

Another GREAT feature of membership in my Tobi Fairley E-Coaching program is the dedicated Facebook Forum where all members can interact with one another** and discuss books and the ideas around the clock! You might meet your new best friend in this forum; you might meet your new business partner in this forum; and you’re SURE to meet like-minded, progressive professionals who are ready to make their life’s work match their wildest dreams!

And all of this progress-driven content is YOURS for just $100 a month. When you join, your monthly subscription will begin, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

And if you’re already convinced that you’re going to be with me for a FULL YEAR of Tobi Fairley E-Coaching, I’m making a special offer just for you! Sign up for one year and get 12 months for $1000! That’s a $200 savings on the regular price!

I really can’t wait to see what great work we will do together in 2013!

No, seriously….I can’t wait. So I have a great idea! Officially speaking, Tobi Fairley E-Coaching begins in January, BUT if you activate your membership in December I will give you my 2013 Tobi Fairley Quick Start Guide in place of the regular lesson plan to get you and your business off on the right foot! This guide will help you lay the groundwork for our first month’s focus on planning for a powerful YOU in the New Year! Inspired yet? Join me and let’s get down to business!

So, if you’re ready to join me for a monthly subscription in Tobi Fairley E-Coaching in 2013, click here.

And…if you’re ready to embark on a year of business boosting in your inbox, click here to take me up on my special offer!

[If you need more information about Tobi Fairley E-Coaching, click here to request assistance from a member of our consulting staff! We will be happy to contact you and answer any questions you have.]





* As the name indicates, e-coaching does not include any one-to-one interaction with me or my consulting staff (phone, email, or in-person); that’s a service that’s reserved for all levels of Mastermind group consulting and private consulting clients. It’s a direct flow of information, tools, and inspiration from my computer to yours to keep you on the path to growing your business!

** Like the coaching service itself, this Facebook community will be a tool for interaction between e-coaching members. Only rarely will the consulting team involve ourselves in your interactions. It’s our goal to provide you with a network for interaction with fellow members so that you can foster in one another the growth that begins as you take action!


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  2. Can I join now? Is it on a rolling 12 month or just Jan- Dec?