Moss Mountain Farm

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Sorry I missed you yesterday. I was out finishing up my Christmas Shopping and I’m excited to say I only have 1 gift left to buy between now and Christmas. This is by far the earliest I can say that I have been done with my Christmas shopping, with almost 10 days left before the Fat Man comes to town.

And it’s a good thing the shopping is done because I have more important things to do today!  I am VERY excited to be heading out to my friend P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm for his annual Holiday party. This is by far one of my favorite events of the season each year. You may remember my post on Allen’s home here and if you missed it, you MUST check it out. Moss Mountain Farm is truly one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. When I go there, I never want to come home.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday for Holiday shopping or gatherings today. Before we know it this holiday season will be in our rear view mirror and we’ll be on to a new year.

Happy Holidays,

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  1. Absolutely love the white and aqua Fortunata! Thanks for sharing such a great table setting….beautiful!