Happy Thanksgiving…Being Thankful for “As Is”

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today is my most favorite holiday of the year and this year for the first time, I am having my family all over to my home. I only found out about this change a few days ago and so I am not going “all out” (shocker, I know!), but I am so happy about hosting.  I can’t wait to gather all those I love here to share our day together!

That brings me to what I am thankful for today.  I am thankful for things “As Is”. Yes that’s right…coming from an almost perfectionist like me who loves to make things just so and goes to a lot of trouble to get things right, I am having Thanksgiving at my house as it is and we are even using PLASTIC PLATES!! Gasp! Please don’t tell my friend Kathy, she may have a heart attack! LOL

An on that note…Today I am thankful for my family “As Is”.  So often we want to make people what we think they should be. We want people to say the things we would say, or do the things we would do. Or maybe we don’t even do them but we want to hold others to a higher standard. We want to have an opinion on how they live their lives.

So today I am thankful for each and every one of my family members who will be at my home (and a few who we will miss) and I am thankful for them just the way they are…with all their flaws and all their short-comings but more importantly all their amazing talents, their gifts, their love and their kind spirits.

I am thankful that I have each of them in my life and I don’t celebrate them enough. I don’t tell them how much I love and appreciate them as often as I should and I don’t focus on their positives as often as I probably see their weaknesses. That all changes today!

Though I have always loved and gotten along great with my family, I haven’t given them enough credit for their greatness. Today the celebrating of each and every one of their unique talents and abilities begins. I can’t wait to experience them with a whole new outlook.

On this, my favorite day of the year, I am also thankful for Me! And you know what? I am thankful for me “As Is”.

I am happy and grateful that this Thanksgiving I am in a better place physically and emotionally. I am grateful that I have gotten healthy. But the truth is, there are SO many things about me that are still far from perfect. And I am still thankful for me just as I am right now. With all my flaws. And weaknesses. And short-comings.


I am thankful for my mind that allows me to dream up and implement BIG ideas. I am grateful for my feet that get me out of bed each morning and my legs that carry me out in the world to do important and inspirational work.

I am thankful for my arms that love and nurture those around me and for my hands that type my stories here for you to read. I am thankful for my shoulders where others can stand on them to reach higher than they could on their own.

I am thankful for my heart that allows me to love unconditionally and my eyes that allow me to see the best in others.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter how thin those legs and arms of mine are, or how beautiful my hands or eyes are, or how strong my shoulders may be…they aren’t perfect but they still allow me to do all that I do in life. They allow me to make a difference in the lives of others. They help me to live out my life’s purpose no matter what my dress size! And for that I am truly grateful.

On this day of love and gratitude, I hope you will love your family and friends without condition. I hope you will love them “As Is”. And I hope that you will see that like my plastic plates we will be dining on, “As Is” is not only good enough, it is FANTASTIC!

And I hope that you will also love yourself just the way you are right now. Not the way you are going to be, not the way you wish you were but as you are today. I promise you that those you love and support don’t care one bit about the way you think you should be. They are just grateful to have you in their lives. You make a difference. You are important.

And though I hope that my journey is inspiring you to be a better you, a healthier you, a happier you because you SO deserve each and every one of those things, none of them make you a better person inside and none of them change what’s truly in your heart. It’s already in there. Your heart has no dress size (thank God) and though we may think our tushes could be smaller our hearts can be as BIG as possible! The bigger the better, really.

So today I am thankful for my friends, my family, myself and for each of you “As Is”. Because I think that we are all pretty darn FABULOUS just the way we are.

Much love to you and yours this Thanksgiving Day.  Enjoy counting your many blessings today just AS THEY ARE because we really all do have so much to be Thankful for.

xo, Tobi

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3 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving…Being Thankful for “As Is”

  1. Daralynn says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Tobi!

    …read this post and am writing to you this morning with tears in my eyes –
    thank you. I look forward to “hearing from you” every day, but you have given me a fresh perspective on enjoying this most important and thankful day with my family! I’m off to clean the turkey and enjoy my 4 “boys”….my dear husband and 3 not so little teenage boys…19, 16, and 15 years old now. Wow, the years have just flown by and it is so important to me that I enjoy my family at every stage! Thank you for the reminder and again my wishes to you for a blessed and thankful turkey day!


  2. hi toby

    what a lovely post and reminder that ‘as is’ is reason enough to be thankful.

    from afar i have watched your success this year and root for you. know that you will always hold a special place in my heart and i am grateful

  3. Oh dear Lord!…Plastic plates, etc. Queenie is about to have “the vapors”. But then Queenie is laid up recovering from washing all of the china, crystal, and silver. So who knows…?! But I must say, I am very grateful for all the collected table itmes, just “as is”( having to be hand washed and all!).