Gratitude for Yin and Zen

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As I continue on my gratitude journey this week, I am thankful for one of the people who has been helping me slow down and BREATHE. To stop the madness in my life and start living a life that is inspiring and fulfilling. Yes, today I am grateful for one of the women that has been a big part of my path to health and wellness: my yoga teacher, Stacey.

I have been a yogi (yogini) for several years but was always falling off the wagon because I just “didn’t have time” or work would get in the way. I’d even be all set to go to yoga class and even remembered to bring my change of clothes with me to the office and I would still find a reason (excuse) not to show up.

That all changed this year when I started going to a new yoga studio that is so close to my home and so convenient that I could no longer make excuses. And the REAL reason that I started attending regularly is what it began doing for my life.

You see, Stacey teaches Yin Yoga. It’s this amazing concept that stretches the connective tissue in your body. Yin Yoga is about holding poses for a long time (which sometimes feels like forever) but eventually feels SO GOOD it’s like you’ve had a massage, or better!

Yin Yoga isn’t about burning a bunch of calories, it’s about feeling good and aging well. It’s  about no lower back pain from sitting in front of a computer blogging for hours on end, or standing on tile floors all day picking out design selections. If you are looking for your cardio workout, this probably isn’t your yoga. But if you are willing to commit an hour to a healthy body and a healthy mind, this this is the yoga for you.

Yin Yoga is so much about the mind, it is almost like meditation. Holding a pose for 5 minutes (or 8 or 20!) in pain, albeit one of those “good hurts”, isn’t easy. So there is a lot of that “Mind over Matter” work that has to be done in Yin.

But I can tell you combining Yin with my weight loss through healthy eating, cardio, and weight lifting is the perfect combination for me. Those tight hamstrings from running and  squats are stretched right out after an hour with Stacey.

And the thing I love most about Stacey is that she is a bit of an irreverent Yogini. So sure, the “real” Yin Yogis practice in absolute silence for meditative reasons…Not Stacey! We listen to the Melody Gardot Pandora Station (did I tell you we are kindred spirits? 🙂 )!

So today I say a prayer of gratitude for Yin Yoga, my Zen state of living, and my yoga teacher Stacey. And my staff and family, I assure you, are saying that same prayer. I have become so happy and relaxed and “Zen” that people don’t recognize me. Yoga plays a big role in that shift. In fact those closest to me refer to the “old Tobi” and the “new Tobi” and that’s not meaning my dress size.  It means I no longer lose my temper or get stressed out on a daily basis. Things seem to “roll” off me now like never before.  Part of that shift comes with age I know (yes, I turned 40 this year too), but more of it comes with practicing healthy living, and for me Yin was and IS the help I needed to live healthy and love life.

If you haven’t tried yoga I highly recommend it. And Yin Yoga might be just what you need. Stacey and I (both formerly self-professed Type A personalities verging on emotional break-down from trying to balance work and family) became different people because of it.

And if you are becoming advanced at Self Care like I am, you might even try Restorative and Yin Yoga together. I have become SO indulgent in my self-care that each Sunday night I go to Yoga for 2 hours!! Yes, I said TWO HOURS!!  Yin and Restorative back to back, while my little one and my hubby have a Daddy-Daughter date, is the best thing I do for myself all week. And for that I am grateful to Judy, the amazing restorative teacher at MeridiYIN’z.

And up next for me–I’m trying the Monday Night Meditation Class at Stacey’s MeridiYIN’z Yoga Studio. Wow…I’m going to be so calm and enlightened, my staff and family may think I’ve had a lobotomy, oh wait! They already think so. 🙂


If you are interested in following my path to Wellness and Self-Care paired with Designing a Business and a Life you love and you missed my FREE mastermind Telecall yesterday, just send us an email to so that we can send a recording of the telecall and We would love you to hear it and consider joining us for a year of self-care and self-sales in 2013!

Stay tuned for more blogs this week about 2 other women that have helped me get healthy. You won’t want to miss the lessons they have taught me!


p. s. Start your path to self care and wellness TODAY. You deserve it and you DO have time!

p. p. s. And if you want some Daily Inspiration with a Yoga twist to it (pun intended :), check out my friend Denese’s site. Denese and I met a couple of years ago when she came to my Blog Camp and she has been doing AMAZING things with her Health Consulting Business ever since. I LOVE getting her newsletter and you might want to sign up for it too!

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2 Responses to Gratitude for Yin and Zen

  1. oh my gosh….I was reading your post, getting pretty inspired to try Yin Yoga (very different than what I practice…) and saw my name at the bottom! thank you for the kind words and for always inspiring me to do my best, Tobi. i’m so excited you’re on this path…for what it will do for you, and for what it will do for everyone who crosses your path…

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