Day 4: 365 Thank Yous

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A couple of months back I paused to reflect on all of the things I was grateful for in 2011. Shortly thereafter I discovered a unique book called 365 Thank Yous, and decided to make this book’s mantra part of my 2012 dreams and goals.

Why I Love It: John Kralik was not in a great place in his life when decided to earnestly look for things to be grateful for and to take the time to thank those who made them possible. Writing just one thank-you note a day changed his perspective, his relationships and, perhaps, his life. Whether you’re on top of the world or going through a rough patch, I think there’s something to be learned from his experience.

That’s why I thought the start of a new year was the perfect time for me to begin this practice. On January 1, I started writing one per day, and so far I’m on track!! It’s amazing the gratitude you feel when you pause to reflect. It’s also such a treat to connect with those who truly make a difference in my life every day. I would highly encourage you all to take up this practice for yourself. Trust me, it’s worth your time. He’s really on to something here!

Where to Find It: Purchase your own copy at Amazon.

Visit John Kralik’s website to learn more about him and the book’s background.

Finally, I want to say that I’m so thankful for all of you!! I love hearing from you and each of you encourage and inspire me everyday. For that, I am truly grateful!


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2 Responses to Day 4: 365 Thank Yous

  1. Debra says:

    Two words do change everything!! My aunt told me once many years ago that she thought “thank you” was going out of style!! I love writing notes because I love all the fabulous stationery out there – I also get all giddy when I receive a note in the mail – not email!!!

  2. Victoria says:

    We are truly grateful for you too, Tobi. You possess not only a beautiful gift for creating beautiful spaces to thrive, you possess a beautiful heart and spirit that spreads life and joy that touch so many. Thanks for touching me!