Day 19: Mad Men

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One of my “loves” has been on a hiatus from my television recently and I’ve missed it!! Thankfully, it’s only 5 weeks until the return of Mad Men!! Are you as excited as I am?

If you read my Downton Abbey post, you know that period-specific TV is one of my weaknesses. It’s the same with Mad Men as it is with Downton Abbey. There are tons of things from this era that inspire me — from the suburban lifestyle to the fashion!















I definitely could have been born in this era!!

I love the formality of using your best china, dressing for both dinner and travel, and the way almost everyone (especially Betty!) always appears refined, yet relaxed. I have to say, I would personally LOVE to answer my front door for a dinner party in a ball-gown skirt and pearls! Wouldn’t you?

Of course I also love the plot and writing. I never want to see an episode end and I’m always amazed at how the characters have evolved since the show started!

The countdown is on to March 25th and the return of all things Mad Men! I can’t wait to see what happens next… Will you be tuned in to AMC for the season five premier?





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3 Responses to Day 19: Mad Men

  1. Yeah March 25th…something to look forward to now that Season 2 of Downton Abbey is just about over…

    I wish I could wear a crinolin dress every now and then :).

    Cheers. Meredith at Tuscan Blue Design

  2. Yippee! Can’t wait. Love this show too.