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As promised…a little bit of GLAM!

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I’ve been hard at work in Seattle this week, and the Masins Bellvue Store is really shaping up. We’ve been preparing for the DIFFA/Seattle GLAM event that’s coming up on September 7th & 8th. (It’s just around the corner now!)

I snapped a few shots to share. Enjoy!

Tobi Fairley Design for Masins

I gave you just a few hints, now these little glimpses…are you beginning to connect the dots on my total vision for this project?

If you want to get the full impact, you’ll just have to attend the DIFFA/Seattle GLAM events, which include: the TableHop Party on Friday, September 7th at 6pm and–on Saturday, September 8th at 2pm–the TableTalk Design Seminar. It’s going to be a weekend brimming with design inspiration, good company, and great fun! It’s one of those events that’s simply not to be missed!

However, if you’re not able to travel to the events, you can follow the virtual conversation on Twitter at #DIFFAGlam with me (@tobifairley).

To learn more about DIFFA/Seattle and the one-of-a-kind events they have planned to support their amazing work, visit their website.


R-U-N With Me to Design Camp A to Z!

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Today, I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek at some of the things I’ll be teaching at Design Camp A to Z, this October 3-5th. As you may already know, I teach one topic for each letter of the alphabet, so for this preview I thought I would share the letters “R,” “U,” and “N,” because I think you should not walk, but RUN to sign up for Design Camp!

Alright, let’s start with R: R is for Repurposing! 

Energy House

There’s been a repurposing revival in recent years, and it can be such a disappointment when it’s not done properly. When you join me at camp, I’ll give you the key tips you need to take a time-worn piece from “blah” to “BAM!”


Now, it’s time to peek at the letter U: U is for Uniting Design Styles

Desk Vignette

This is one of my favorite topics, because I get to talk a little bit about how I work when it comes to my wonderful clients! Whether you client is yourself OR someone who has paid you to design their home it’s important to know how to translate differences in design opinion into design harmony, all while staying true to YOUR vision. Whew…that’s a BIG task, but I’ve been through it so many times, I will talk you through it!


And lastly, what’s behind the letter N?: N is for No-Nos! 

I want to preface this by saying, I’m a pretty open-minded person. But some mistakes that are frequently made by designers with the BEST of intentions just need to be exposed! You know what I say: a mistake uncovered is a lesson learned by all. In that spirit, I’ll show you at Design Camp some of the most glaring–but unfortunately very common–design No-Nos.

I don’t know about you, but all of this Design Camp talk is getting me EXCITED! I can’t wait to meet you in my home studio and fill you in on these and all 23 OTHER letters, from A to Z!

Visit the Tobi Fairley Design Camp website at to learn more!

You can also mark your calendars to join us for an exciting Twitter chat all about Design Camp A to Z at 5pm, on September 17th (use #designcampatoz @teamtobi @tobifairley).

Coming Soon…A New Look for My Blog and Site

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Hi Friends!
I always you be to the first to know about the latest and greatest in my world, which I why I’m sharing this news here with you today. Yes, you read the headline correctly! A new look for our blog and website is just around the corner. And while I can’t reveal the big design just yet, I can tell you it’s going to be awesome!! Not only will I have more content for you, but the look and all the controls are super user-friendly! The site is under construction now and will be coming your way soon without any interruption in our daily blog postings.

Since we are so excited to reveal this new blog and website design, I also wanted to take this opportunity to extend a special offer to you, my valued readers.

For a limited time, I’ll be offering a SPECIAL PROMOTION on all blog advertising. If you like my brand and want to be part of it, please complete this form and we will contact you with all the details.

Trust me, if you’ve ever even thought about advertising on my blog, now is the time to sign up. Simply fill out the info below and we’ll send you everything you need to know, including these special pricing offers, to start a worthwhile partnership with my brand.

Have questions? Feel free to email us at

xo, Tobi

Project Reveal: An InBox Entry

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Hi Friends!

There’s nothing like a good before and after, right?! Today, I’m happy to share one of our latest InBox Interiors projects. Read on to see how this gorgeous space came together.

The homeowners who purchased this InBox Interiors design for their entry wanted it to look fresh and chic to welcome their guests. My team and I took their inspiration, found some fun, affordable pieces that matched their style and then designed a front entry that opens the door to to glamorous style.

The Inspiration

In the email consultation, the client had several images from some of my past projects they loved and wanted to see a similar style brought to life in their home. Here’s what we came up with…

The Design


And, as you saw above, here’s how it all came together…

You’ll notice that the homeowner chose to use a more neutral version of this wallpaper. Although our top pick was the aqua shown here, I think you’ll agree that the this neutral tan looks equally beautiful and works well with the final artwork selection they chose. That is another great feature of InBox Interiors. We will do all the legwork for you in making design selections; however, you always have the freedom to switch out products or choose the same product in a different colorway. It’s really all about completing a design that you can execute and that fits your style! Just look at the transformation…

Before and After

The Details

Do you have a space that could benefit from my team’s expert design advice and your own DIY know-how? Visit to learn more about how my e-design service can bring any room in your home to life.

Happy Decorating!

xo, Tobi


VIP DIFFA Giveaway Winner Announced!!

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Hi Friends,
Today I head to Seattle for the first of two exciting trips. A few weeks back I told you about the DIFFA Glam event and my involvement with Masins Furniture in the redesign of their lobby for this event. Now, the time has come for the installation. As you read this, I’m headed there to put on the finishing touches!

One lucky reader will also be headed to Masins and the exclusive Table Hop event on Friday, September 7. A few days back I asked you to leave a comment on the blog about the ways you give back to your community. Thanks to everyone who shared the ways you make a difference! Without further delay, the winner of the 2 pairs of VIP tickets to Table Hop is…

Jennifer T. who wrote:

This is such a neat event… Giving back to the community means so much because it’s the first place that invested so much into me. I volunteer every year with a group called The Louisiana Association for the Blind or for short The Lab.
We strive to improve the quality of life for the visually impaired through training services and employment opportunities by offering programs which provide independent living skills, Braille, computer services, confidence building efforts through social events, and fine arts. Our work is crucial as there is a 70% unemployment rate nationally among people who are blind, 61.2% in Louisiana alone.
I even had the honor of designing their lobby at their new facility this past year. They are truly amazing people with great heart; only thing is they can’t see. It feels so good to be able to give back them and boost their confidence in helping them obtain on the job skills.
This year I also donated my services to help decorating the House for Hope. Another great organization that raffles off $100 tickets to win a brand new fully furnished home. The home is featured on the Parade of Homes route and all proceeds go to building and developing homes for under privileged families. Winning these tickets would be amazing because I would get to meet you the woman mogul I look up too and see awesome designs. Totally a win-win!!! God Bless.

What a great way to give of your time. I can’t wait to meet you in Seattle!!

Stay tuned for an update on the project later this week.

xo, Tobi