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Farrow & Ball is one company I thought we should definitely take a look at in Sunday Showcase.  They’re a British manufacturer of paints and wallpapers using traditional methods.  The formulation of their paints has remained consistent across the decades.  Using only natural ingredients, Farrow & Ball paints are inherently eco-friendly.

The paints created by Farrow & Ball are still manfactured one batch at a time.  There’s no mixing at the store.  The paints are tinted at the factory!  Because of the composition of their paints, the colors appear to have a much greater depth than most modern paints.  This has become known as “the Farrow & Ball look.”

The above paint colors and wallpaper, All White, and Strong White and the Broad Stripe wall covering from Farrow & Ball are a perfect combination for this month’s “colors of the month” on the blog, blue and white.

The Lotus Papers pattern would definitely add a bold graphic punch to any room! The lotus-flower design creates a unique design and goes great with the Lulworth Blue and Drawing Room Blue!

Charlotte’s Locks No. 268 is new for 2011 and is a bold new color from the company.

Citron No. 74 takes its name from the 19th century term for a strong acid yellow.

I’ve always been a fan of a boldly striped wallpaper.  Broad Stripe fits that bill.  Farrow & Ball’s wallpapers are actually printed using their own paints!

If you’re looking to try Farrow & Ball in your home, the paints and papers are available for purchase online.  You can even order a color sample card online.  If you want to try a color before you commit to buying an entire gallon, small sample “pots” are available for $7.00.

Here’s a bit more inspiration from The Farrow & Ball’s latest catalog!

Enloy your Sunday! – Tobi

Farrow & Ball: Click Here


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2 Responses to Sunday Showcase: Farrow & Ball

  1. Rosemary says:

    The blue-ish teal I used in my living and dining room (and on my stencil wall) is Farrow & Ball’s “Dix Blue.” I saw it in a room featured in Southern Living last year and had to have it.

  2. Franki Parde says:

    “Oh, the possibilities…” franki