P. Allen Smith: Five Fabulous Foilage Plants

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Our guest gardening expert P. Allen Smith returns this month with wonderful splashes of color to decorate your outdoor spaces.  I would love to have some of his selections in my own yard! -Tobi

Five Fabulous Foliage Plants

Dramatic is the word that comes to my mind when I think about foliage plants for the garden or containers. Bold colors, big shapes and interesting textures make foliage plants just as important as flowers.


Coleus—The rusty bronze hue of Proven Winners’ Colorblaze® Sedona transitions to a rich plum on the underside, while the deep burgundy veining on the Fishnet Stockings coleus creates a striking texture. 

Caladium—‘Miss Muffet’ is a dwarf caladium that combines shades of pink, green and white for a wonderful tropical display both in containers and in the landscape.


Elephant Ears—These summer bulbs offer an amazing range of sizes and colors, and I love the ‘Illustris’ colocasia for its huge, heart-shaped leaves and dramatic deep purple highlights.

 Charmed® Wine Oxalis—Commonly known as shamrocks, this dark, plum-colored annual stands out on its own in containers, and can even be adapted as a houseplant.

Sweet Potato Vine—You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more perfect pairing than Proven Winners’ ‘Sweet Caroline Purple’ and ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’ sweet potato vines. Put these two together for a study in color contrast that lasts all season long.

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One Response to P. Allen Smith: Five Fabulous Foilage Plants

  1. Barbara says:

    I love the variegated leaf colors. I don’t think some of these guys would do well in frost conditions, but they sure are pretty. I’ll check them out!