Have a Swanky Fourth of July!

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We continue the guest blogging series today with a patriotic lamp salute from my great friends Doug & Ed from Swank Lighting.  Their lamps are amazing and I use them often in my projects!  If you aren’t familiar with their lamps, visit their website today. – Tobi

"Swank Lighting" "Rock Candy Lamps"

Did our founding fathers know how stylish a combination our country’s colors would be when they settled on the classic hues of red, white and blue? This is a color palette that packs quite a patriotic punch. We at Swank Lighting have a deep respect for our nation – but also a strong love affair with her color palette.

No one can claim to know for sure what the colors represent. Writers and speakers often attribute meaning to the colors of the flag. But, in truth, the Continental Congress never spoke about what the colors represented. Still, the red, white, and blue colors included in the Great Seal of the United States, which first appeared 1782, did purportedly represent ideals and beliefs of our Founding Fathers. Their significance was explained by Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress, and included in the book “Our Flag,” published in 1989: White represents purity and innocence; red represents hardiness and valor; and blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

"Swank Lighting"

Many designers and patriotic Americans try to bring these colors into our homes, offices, restaurants and other interiors. Some with great success and others not so much. An illuminating way to bring America’s colors into your home is with some skillfully placed accessories and table lamps bearing them. And you don’t have to stick to just traditional hues; explore the entire color spectrum with light, barely-there blues all the way to deep, earthy reds. Tobi Fairley is brilliant at this.

In her design of the Leawood home, for example, Tobi incorporated a few red, white and blue lamps throughout. Whether intentional or not, she fostered a patriotic feeling without going over the top. In an entryway, golden damask wallpaper and an exquisite console table and gold mirror serve as a soft background for the pop of an icy blue pair of Barovier & Toso Murano glass lamps.  You can read more about the design of this house at House Beautiful.

"Tobi Fairley"

In another part of the Leawood house, Tobi infuses a softlyhued family room with a pop of patriotic spunk when she places a red hot crimson Venini Murano lamp on a high sofa table front and center. In an even more gorgeous composition, a steel gray monochromatic room absolutely sings when a pair of three stacked ball white Murano lamps flanks a gorgeous, modern abstract painting. Bye the way, all of these lamps came from Swank Lighting! Thanks Tobi.

At Swank, we’re known for our treasure trove of vintage Murano glass lamps. But the truth is when we began launching new lines, we looked to American artists and craftsmen. And as expected, we were very pleased with what we found. You will be too.

Take a peek at our “Made in the USA” Joe Cariati lamps and Recycled Glass cluster lamps , by Austin artist Wade Warnken to see good examples of lamps that are made in America. And yes, each line includes our American palette, like our firetruck red, cobalt blue and snow frost rock candy lamps or Joe Cariati’s firetruck red, T-bird blue and vanilla frost white modern glass lamps.

Many lighting and accessories today are made in China and that’s fine. But we prefer to keep our manufacturing right here at home. Remember: it doesn’t just have to be the Fourth of July to enliven your interiors with the bold, beautiful and brilliant hues of our country’s flag.

Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

Thank you to Tobi and all our friends at Tobi Fairley Interior Design for asking us to guest blog this week.


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12 Responses to Have a Swanky Fourth of July!

  1. All the lamps are great, with those recycled glass lamps being a particularly clever idea; they fit in almost any decor!

  2. vitania says:

    I recently featured swank lighting as well because I love their perfect shade of aqua blue. I am in love with the amazing colours and shapes of blown glass, especially Murano.

    Great post, and Happy Fourth!

  3. Karena says:

    Tobi that first group of lamps is stunning!!

    I live in Leawood, so i will go and read about this home!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and join a very Fashionable Giveaway!

  4. marni says:

    i love the entryway tobi. so lovely! the cool blue of the lamps is just what i need… reminds me of an ocean breeze.

  5. Brillante says:

    Beautiful lamps and I want to say I am partial to Barovier & Toso and Venini.

  6. Jessie says:

    These lamps are beautiful. My favorites are the ones in the last group, I love every single one of them.

    Have a happy 4th of July, everyone!


  7. quintessence says:

    Beautiful – love the variety of shapes, materials and colors!!

  8. I love Swank’s lamps too, great classic look. Great to see your products here, Doug and Ed. Fun interpretation of 4th of July colors (and on your blog home page too, Tobi)!

  9. Catherine says:

    ALL the lamps are incredible–but I’m rather partial to the ones I got from you!
    —Can never say “thank you” enough,

  10. Diane Dyhan says:

    Another great post featuring the fabulous lamps from SWANK LIGHTING! I am in LOVE with the Vintage Murano Glass Lamps and dream of owning a pair for my living room. Sweet dreams again tonight!

  11. Jon Chapman says:

    I just visted their website and checked out the rock candy lamps. $3,500? Are you kidding me? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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