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Hi Friends,

Just a couple of weeks ago I conducted my first ever 3-day Design Camp and I have to tell you it was AMAZING!  I  haven’t done a recap like this in a while after one of my camps.  But I was just so excited after having almost 40 women in last week from all across the US and Canada, that I just had to bring you my thoughts on it all.

I am seeing great blog posts pop up all over the web already like this one from Linda and her follow up post here.  And this several part series from Jennifer that will give you lots of insight into my Design Camp lessons.  And one more from Heather here. So I won’t reiterate the take-aways here. I hope you will join us yourself to get the full experience of my teachings and ideas and my passion for design. Writing about it just can’t do it justice! But today I want to tell you more about the experience camp brought this session which has left me on a high ever since.

We took everything up a notch for Design Camp A to Z with the all-inclusive accommodations including stretch hummer limos (yes one of them is Barbie pink…I’m all about color right?!?)

And we had a fun night of shopping with our sponsor Cobblestone & Vine and a surprise opportunity to meet designer Annie Selke of Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert fame. And those were just the “extras”.

In this first ever three-day camp, we covered so much ground in the 26 steps of my all-new A to Z design process that I sent everyone home on design overload.  But believe me they weren’t complaining. In fact, nobody wanted to leave.

In our Friday morning wrap-up session, every camper stated what their biggest take-away from the camp was and it was so fun to hear all the different opinions.  I am most thrilled that almost every person in camp had a different idea resonate with them.  One camper even said “I’ve died and gone to Heaven!” while another broke out into the song “I’ve had the time of my life” from Dirty Dancing!

I just can’t say enough about how great this camp was for the campers and for me.  I leave each camp inspired as much by the campers as they are by me but this camp seemed to have an extra special dynamic.  Maybe it was because the group was the largest we have ever had for a camp so there were so many different fun ideas and personalities.  Maybe it was because we had longer to bond and become friends (and the two nights of cocktail parties helped with that!). Or maybe it was because so many of the campers brought a friend so they felt comfy and secure having their best buddies along and ultimately enjoyed themselves more by sharing the experience with someone special.

Whatever the case, it was a real pleasure for us all…the campers, my staff and me!

And the good news…we are doing it all over again in January! So if you want to be a part of a special 3 day, all-inclusive Tobi Fairley Design Camp experience with like-minded people from all over the country and beyond and me, then hurry and sign up today!  I can hardly wait to meet you and be inspired by you too!

Take a look at where Design Camp A to Z campers traveled from to attend Design Camp in Little Rock…

Our November camp brought campers from states including California, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusettes, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Virginia, Arkansas and more. We even had a camper from Canada and I can’t wait to see which states join us in January!

Sign up today and take advantage of the Bring A Friend for Free and the Early Bird Special of $1999.00.  These specials will be going away by the end of the year so don’t miss out!

Want Santa to bring you Design Camp Tuition this year? It’s the perfect Christmas gift, so tell your loved ones to call or send us an email us to purchase your camp tuition and we will sign you up and send a Design Camp Gift Card beautifully wrapped with your name on it!

I look forward to seeing many of you in our January camp which is just 6 weeks away!

And to all of you who joined me in November and all of our previous camps this year…Thank You! I am grateful to know you and to be inspired by you and I hope to see you again real soon.  xoxo, Tobi

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  1. Mara Malcolm says:

    How wonderful! Anyone with even a remote interest in design must experience this!