Day 21 of things I love…Monogrammed Table Linens

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(Daisy Hill via Southern Living)

I love monograms. They just make things feel like they have a history and a value because they are identified with family. And what better place to be proud of your heritage than on your table linens?

I think monogrammed linens add a special touch to your place settings.

(A touch of lace)

Monogrammed napkins make it seem like you planned your dinner party to the Nth degree and I think guests appreciate that sort of care and detail. And they especially notice them when they are in fabulous colors like these!

(social couture)

It is so much fun to play with a variety of fabrics and monogram styles depending on the mood of your soiree.

I am crazy about these cocktail napkins by SFERRA linens. They are embellished with a monogram but still super simple and super chic!

Day #21 of things I love…monogrammed table linens. I think I’ll drink (and eat) to that!

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5 Responses to Day 21 of things I love…Monogrammed Table Linens

  1. Oh Tobi, I couldn’t agree more! Monograms make everything feel special! I love them on everything from bed linens to pillows to bookmarks! They do make such a lovely statement on a table, as well! Great post!

  2. Ashley says:

    I love monogrammed linens! My favorite place to get anything and everything monogrammed is because there are so many unusual designs. I have several sets of dinner and cocktail napkins that I had embroidered there, and they’re fabulous!

  3. I love a good monogram – they make everything that little bit more sophisticated!


    PS – Love the blog!

  4. Eliza says:

    Love those colorful napkins. So very classic!

  5. Love the monogrammed letters. Love everyone of them.