Day 2 of things I love…Travel!

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On day two of my favorite things, it’s traveling that I love! And though I have enjoyed being home for most of the past four months, my days of spanning the globe are about to start up again. 

Ironically, I am not a huge fan of flying, but I do love searching for my destination’s finest cuisines, galleries and shops on the web while waiting for my plane to depart the terminal. That way the minute my feet hit the ground, I don’t waste a minute taking in all the great sites and highlights of my latest city.

Because I am always on the go,  At Home in Arkansas Magazine asked me to write a montly blog feature for them all about my fabulous excursions.  Each month I choose a place that I have traveled, and I fill you in on all of the details of that great locale. 

I let you know where to stay, shop and dine.  And it’s not just the top spots like Vegas, 

Los Angeles


and New York.

I also take you to the small towns on the outskirts of these big time cities.  Places like Kinderhook, NY and Asheville, NC rank as some of my favorite spots.  These little towns seem to hold the BIGGEST treasures!

So on day #2 of things that I love…Travel!

And as the Traveling Designer always says…”Until we meet again, Happy Travels!” xo, Tobi

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2 Responses to Day 2 of things I love…Travel!

  1. You and me both Tobi! January took me to sunny California. This month brings St. Louis and Las Vegas … and then March is Little Rock! 😉

  2. We love your travel tips, and our readers do too! Keep traveling and telling us about your exciting adventures!