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Day 28 of things I love…Navy and Coral

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There is something so fresh about the color combination of bright coral and rich navy blue.  I mean, what’s not to love about these two colors?  And when used together, they are super chic.

And though they have been around for a few seasons, even Tory Burch still thinks this palette is still worthy of her new Resort 2011 collection.

But navy and coral don’t just look great in fashion.  They make for a fresh and cheerful interior as well.

(decor pad)

(massuco, warner, miller)

(amanda nisbet)

(black and spiro)

(country living)

I like the combo so much that I created a colorway of my new fabrics in this great palette. And I threw in a little yellow to keep it fresh!

Day 28 of things I love…Navy and Coral.

Day 27 of things I love…Yogitoes

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I LOVE my Yogitoes skidless cover for my Yoga mat.  It is perfect when I go to my Yoga for Mamas class each Friday.

Me and a few other working mom’s de-stress with the help of our teacher and friend Mary and of course there’s a bit of fun girl talk before and after too.  And some of that talk last week was about my great Yogitoes mat cover. It keeps your hands and feet from slipping during all your poses and it comes in all these great colors too (of course I picked green!)

Day 27 of thing I love…Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat Covers. They Rock!

Day 26 of things I love…Chef Lee Richardson

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I am a big fan of Chef Lee Richardson and Ashley’s restaurant at Little Rock’s Capital Hotel.   


Lee has been a huge proponent of the Farm to Table movement partnering with local growers to serve the freshest ingredients possible.  He is so commited to it that he even writes a blog called New Americana Cuisine, a term he coined to describe his cooking style.   


What is New Americana Cuisine? Well here’s what Lee thinks it is…   


“New Americana Cuisine is a style of cooking involving the creation of dishes with local and seasonal ingredients. It also maintains a connection to the tradition and history of the geographical region and foundation of cultural influences of the people from which it derived. In our case it is entirely hand-crafted, as all things once were.  New Americana Cuisine is, therefore, a celebration of our cultural past and an exploration of our cultural evolution.”  


And part of the cuisine at the Capital hotel includes delicious offerings like Gulf Shrimp with Pinto Beans, Benton’s Country Ham and Pepper Marmalade or Diver Scallop with Pumpkin, Sweet Onions and Bacon.  

Arkansas is so lucky to have Lee and Food and Wine Magazine has noticed how great he is too.  Lee is currently in the running for Food and Wine’s The People’s Best New Chef .  And in fact, he is currently leading The Midwest Category.   So if you love Lee’s cuisine the way I do, please go and vote! Voting ends March 1st.

Day 26 of things I love…Chef Lee Richardson and his New Americana Cuisine.  I hope you will visit Ashley’s soon and try it for yourself.

Day 25 of things I love…Design Camp, our Glampers, and our brand new site!

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It has been just over 6 months since I had my very first design camp, I feel like I have been teaching these all my life.  

And though I hear all the wonderful compliments from Design Camp Alumni, I am the one who leaves each camp most inspired.

Campers have come from across the South from states like Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana and here in Arkansas. And from the East as far as Florida and North Carolina. They have come from Western cities like Albuquerque, New Mexico and Los Angeles, California. And oh have we had our fair share of campers from the great state of Texas!  And they aren’t just regular campers, these people are fabulous and glamorous, intelligent and traveled, and best of all they are loads of fun!

The campers walk away from my studio newly inspired about design and with a whole new set of friends.  I feel like a proud parent when I hear how many campers have created lasting friendships that support each other and stay in touch long after Camp Tobi is over. My goal is to personally remember each and every one of the campers that ever come to camp. And to have campers come from each and every state in our Nation. 

And today I am excited to announce that our brand new Design Camp Website is up and running. So here you can follow the latest blog posts, read great testimonials from other campers, find helpful hints on Little Rock hotels, local sites, and shopping.  But most importantly you can see our current Design Camp schedule.  And in just a few days, you will be able to sign up for camp in real time using Paypal right on our new site.  Until then, just give us a call and we will get you signed up. 

This site also doubles as our secret blog, so after you attend camp, you will have access to “camper only” information by using your very own password to log in.

Day # 25 of things that I love..Design Camp, the fabulous “Glampers”, and our brand new design camp website. Won’t you join us for a design camp soon?

Don’t miss our upcoming camp dates: Design Camp Basics April 9th, Blog Camp April 15th and Advanced Design Camp May 13-14th.  See you there!