Schematic Camping with Michelle Morelan

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We start off this week continuing the Design Camp Series with blogger/designer Michelle Morelan of the wonderful blog A Schematic Life.  Michelle is my VERY talented friend who I met last year while visiting Vancouver.  Take a look back on my previous feature on some of her work.

Today Michelle is creating for us a wonderful vision for the ultimate camping experience.  I think even I might be able to camp here. Take it away Michelle!

Create the Look with these Pieces:

Ralph Lauren: Wing Chair, Picnic Basket, Rattan Chair
Conran: Travel Trunk, Director Chair and Desk
Loll: Red Adorondak
Brent Comber: Stump Tables
Drake: Duffel Bags
Walmart: Lantern
Ikea:Solar Pendant Lamp
Dash and Albert: Rug
John Hanly: Throw
Hermes: Binoculars


A getaway is somewhere without cell phones and computers. It’s about a walk in the woods, some fishing and relaxing with your honey. Most of all it’s about privacy and down time. As kids, we would visit my Aunt Glenna’s cabin in Cape Breton, where their neighbour had reclaimed a red caboose. That’s probably why I think red when I think camping. Also, there is a resort called Clayoquot Wilderness Resort near Tofino, where I grew up, and it’s really luxurious and special (meaning very expensive), providing safari like tents and horse back riding on their private beach. I’m not surprised, then, that this may be my ideal escape.

The look and specifications for this campsite are not too contrived, but a mix of easy going and luxurious; of low and high. I designed it to respond to the site and elements. Mosquito netting, a warm wood stove and a comfy rustic bed keep things from getting too “rough”. I loved this trunk by the Conran Shop, as it reminds me of campaign furniture, long caravans and the romance of travel.

The dining area backs up to a rocky outcrop used for seating and sits next to a brook that serves as background music. An outdoor firepit invites conversation into the late evening moonlight, and of course, houses the flame for the all mighty toasted marshmallow.

The bathroom is an outdoor retreat for two; you can bathe under the stars in an old clawfoot tub and shower after your dip in the stream…I’ve mounted it on the fence; of course, this leaves nothing to the imagination!

Natural in nature…maybe that’s what I should have called this one 🙂  Or Camp Love-a-you-too…OK, getting carried away here.


Thanks Tobi…Happy Camping!!
come on over and check out the video tutorial featuring the tent interior…it’s the third in my series…

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10 Responses to Schematic Camping with Michelle Morelan

  1. Ivan Meade says:

    This is by far one of my favourite camping experiences.

    I love Michelle’s renderings – they are fantastic.

    This is definitely my kind of camping!!!


  2. Just got back from some camping on Vancouver Island…in my mom’s front yard! Actually, my kids (20 somethings) and 6 of their band-mates set up this huge 4 room tent…I have never seen anything like it. It looked like a harem inside, since they grabbed all of the pillows from everyone’s sofas and all the blankets they could find…so much fun!! The toddlers at my mom’s wouldn’t get out of the tent, and went kicking and screaming to bed…kids of all ages love a tent!!

    So this post was quite timely!! I love weekends like that…my mom had 17 people sleeping over at her house!!

    Oh…the rendering tutorial video is up…I was travelling today, sorry for the delay 🙂

    Thanks again Tobi!
    …and Ivan…you are a sweetie 🙂

  3. Brillante says:

    Never went camping in my life, but I can now with this luxurious tent, great bed, soaking tub and all the comfort I can ask for.
    Beautiful rendering and great ideas, Michelle. So much fun to follow your blog, Tobi.

  4. Karen Davis says:

    I love the summer camp theme you have been posting about! You are very talented and so inspiring to all of us in the industry!

  5. Vitania says:

    I love to camp – and it’s even better when you can have some luxurious touches.

    As usual Michelle, you never disappoint, this is truly the ultimate camping experience..


  6. I really need to put that much energy into a porch, or a tent that stays up all Spring, Summer and Fall. We love Michelle’s renderings and my goodness they really are camping!!

  7. Brooke says:

    Michelle- Beautiful renderings. Thanks so much for being a part of this. I love the video as well!

  8. diane says:

    Michelle is amazingly talented and never ceases to amaze me.

  9. Just my style. Love the bath tub.

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    Simply just wished to state you did a superb work.
    Thanks a lot ,Barry