It’s Cookie Time! with Material Girl Emily Johnston

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We continue our Design Summer Camp series with guest blogger Emily Johnston.  Emily is the founder and Dallas correspondent of the always fabulous Material Girls blog.  And what a fun post she’s written!  Read on…

First off, thank you Tobi for inviting me to be a part of your Design Summer Camp series!   I am having such a blast going “virtual camping” with all of my fellow bloggers while not even having to put on bug spray or sleep in a cabin.  I must say this is my best camping experience yet!   

I have such “fond” memories of Girl Scout Camp (the bugs, the bathrooms, the early rising, the poison ivy, the hot weather).  Seriously, what’s not to love? 

Although I loved being a Girl Scout, I had a hard time loving being a Girl Scout outside the city.  I would always get so excited about selling cookies door to door (I still have a weakness for Thin Mints) but the camping part…not so much.  I remember watching Troop Beverly Hills when I was younger and wanting to be a part of the Wilderness Girls because of how entertaining it would have been to have a troop leader like Phyllis Nefler.  (After all, she was the leader who decided to move the Wilderness Girls outdoor camping trip to The Beverly Hills Hotel!)

When watching this cheesy 1980s movie about the Wilderness troop’s attempt to “rough it” outdoors, it’s pretty hard to miss the recurring green color throughout.  It’s also no coincidence that this hue has been the iconic Girl Scout uniform color since 1928.

Just a few days ago, it was announced that The Girl Scouts of the USA are giving their iconic green color a makeover.  I absolutely love the change! 

It will now be a bolder green and give off “a more casual and approachable vibe”. 

The Girl Scouts would be so happy to know that although I barely survived their camping trips, I have carried on their color legacy throughout my design projects.  Emerald green is one of my all time favorite colors to use in interiors because of its fresh and vivacious appearance. 

Here are some amazing “Girl Scout looking rooms” that really pop!

Chloe Sevigny’s Home

Miles Redd

Of course, I wouldn’t leave out this fabulous room by Camp Counselor Fairley!

Jamie Drake

Kelly Wearstler

And here’s my favorite photo of emerald green inspiration (and a hilarious video to boot)…

To all the Girl Scouts out there, Happy Camping!

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2 Responses to It’s Cookie Time! with Material Girl Emily Johnston

  1. Great post Emily! It makes me want to find somewhere to incorporate that awesome KELLY green color TODAY! My favorite are the green wingbacks in Tobi’s pic! In luv!!

  2. I was never a Girl Scout, but I ended up the Leader of my daughter’s GS Troop by default when the REAL leader quit.

    As for camping — I gave my Troop the choice of dirt in their food and bears in the woods, or a resort in the Poconos with a hot tub. We camped ONCE, and thereafter (bless their hearts) they chose the resort every time!

    I don’t “get” camping. After eons of struggling to come up with effective shelter, why does middle class mankind think it’s fun to pretend to be homeless?

    Plus, as soon as you arrive at the camp site, there is dirt in EVERYTHING. Ick.
    Funny post!

    I am also so glad to see COLOR roaring back in design.