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From state to state, city to city…you all asked for it and I gave it to you. A weekend Design Camp that would allow both in and out-of-towners to attend. And boy did we ever have a good time!!!

Campers came from miles away and learned tons of valuable design tips, tricks and trends. What did I learn?…That I LOVE weekend design camps! We had campers from lots of states including North Carolina, Tennessee, and the great state of Texas coming in with a whopping 7 campers. And then there were all those fabulous campers from right here in Arkansas that joined us too.

Meshing both designers and design enthusiasts (this camp was heavy on the designers) made for a very exciting and educational day! And we extended the fun into the night with an after camp “fireside chat” at the Capital Hotel Bar and Grill. Plus a couple of lucky campers joined me for drinks in my home the night before. That was so much fun, I may just try that again too!

Here are two amazing blog posts on the Design Camp experience that you won’t want to miss.  One is from Swede Design Blog (I especially loved Summer’s Top Ten Reasons she loved Design Camp!!) 

And here’s another fun post from Pam at Texas Vignettes Blog.

And if these blog posts didn’t inspire you to come to camp, here is an extremely kind comment from one of our weekend campers…

” I could not have asked for a better Saturday. Thank you for being so gracious and for sharing your wealth of knowledge and intellectual property with us. It was awesome and unselfish.  You are truly a force and we are fortunate in Arkansas to have you. I have always been able to create beautiful spaces, but to actually understand the true science of the process is invaluable. What I once did basically by trial and error, I feel confident that now, after only 8 hours of your instruction, I can do quickly, efficiently and with much more cohesiveness than ever before. I can’t thank you enough. This was just IT!!”

So who wants to attend camp now? Then please leave a comment on this blog post and let me know.  I am planning a Design Camp Basics Weekend Session which is the same as my four week design camp for $500.00.  You can read all about the topics we will cover in my post called “Calling all Campers”.  We’ll have great food and great fun!

Then, depending on the demand I will offer an advanced Day and a half camp for those campers who want a longer experience for $750.00. This weekend camp will be in place of the 6 week fall camp that I was planning previously. For those of you who have already attended a basic design camp session, this advanced camp will be great (though the basic camp isn’t a pre-requisite).  For this extended version, we will meet Friday night for a few hours (libations will likely be involved for this portion) and then we will regroup for a full-day session on Saturday in my studio.  And we will feed you Friday night and Saturday for breakfast and lunch. In this extended session we will cover topics like …

Design 101 Recap– reviewing the basic principles for creating great design
Advanced Design Tips – taking your design project to the next level
Inspiration to Reality – how to sketch, draw and get your creative ideas on paper
Going Green (And We Don’t Mean the Color) – how to incorporate vintage, antique and eco-friendly finds to create gorgeous décor that’s kind to the earth
Art Smart – collecting, framing and hanging art to complement your interiors
Holiday Entertaining With Style – from tabletops to gift wrap, all the details to create truly inspired holiday decor

And if these two offerings were not enough, I have had so many requests for a Design Camp on Blogging,  so I am ready to offer that one too. It will be a one day saturday session and will also cost $500.00. You’ll want to bring your laptop or I-pad for this one. And get ready to be inspired to blog your heart out! We will start with the basics of how to set up a blog, which blog type to use and the steps for getting started. We’ll talk about finding, uploading and cropping images. We’ll discuss different types of writing and blog styles. And then we will learn to identify your personal or professional brand and turn that brand into your blog’s voice. I will teach you how to create interesting and unique content and blog series that will keep your readers coming back again and again.  This camp is not just for design bloggers and design blogger want-to-be’s.  After this one day design camp, you will be prepared to start any sort of blog you like whether it’s about your family, food, your profession, politics or any other topic you feel compelled to share.

I would love to get these three camps in before the holidays, so all I need is at least 15 campers per session to commit and then I will set the dates so everyone can join us.  As ususal, we will cap each camp off at 25 campers. And no worries, I will give us a few weeks to get plane reservations and accomodations set so you can come from out of town or out of state, which means early November will likely be our target dates.

Now’s the time to let me know if you want to be a camper this Fall. I promise you will have just as much fun as Summer and Pam did and you will walk away feeling inspired and ready to create your best designs or blog posts yet!

So calling all campers, let me know if you are ready to pitch your tent. I’ll get the campfire started!

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15 Responses to Design Camp Expose:Campers Tell All

  1. Karena says:

    Tobi, you all must have had such a blast!! I am excited to read more.

    I am posting pink today!

    Art by Karena

  2. Tobi: I’m interested in the Advanced camp. Keep me posted with dates so I can sign up!

  3. Tracy DelGrippo says:

    Sounds like camp was a great time! I was dissapointed to miss the last session. I’d love to attend the next one, I am working full time and a full time design student, but hopefully I can work out some days off and come!

  4. Johnna Dobbs says:

    I want to attend!!!

  5. Elisabeth Carter says:

    I am very interested in the Advanced Camp!! Let me know about the dates so I can work it in my schedule.

  6. Christie Benish says:

    I would love to attend your blogging camp! Please post your dates! I’ll be traveling from Chicago!

  7. Johnna Dobbs says:

    I would love to attend.. I see you put November for possible dates.. Im in China the first of November until the 21st… I hope, I hope I get to attend one… Anyway could I possible pay for a private design camp session!!! LOL!! Hopefully I can make the dates…

  8. D.J. Duckworth says:

    Tobi, I want to do the blogging camp! I’m out of town the 9th-17th of November. Keep me posted on possible dates! D.J.

  9. diane says:

    Someday I will get there but so interested in the blog camp. I am a “ghost blogger” meaning I write for others i.e. onlinefabricstore and la design concepts. Your tips would be so helpful. Have you ever considered putting those tips in a pdf format that those of us who cannot attend can still benefit from. I know my husband (a lawyer) can purchase a tape of a seminar he was unable to attend. Just a thought and have fun at camp.

  10. Would you ever consider taking this on the road? It’s killing me not to be able to get down there this fall! Hopefully, though, it’s in my future. I love your work.

  11. Tobi says:

    Thanks Carol. I get this question so often and I might take design camp on the road but as I have told others, a lot of the benefit of design camp is that it is in my studio with all my old and current projects, my samples and supplies, my equipment and even my art gallery and design workroom. As you can imagine, I could never bring all of those things with me. It would definitely have to be an abrieviated version if I went on the road and I really prefer people come to me so they can get the full benefit. Hopefully you can come to a design camp in the near future and if I do decide to have traveling design camps, I will certainly let you know! Thanks for your support!!! xo, Tobi

  12. Jennifer Binion says:

    Hi Tobi,
    Allison Belans & I are interested in attending the blog camp! Please let us know if you decide on dates!!

  13. Liz Carroll says:


    I’d love to come back for Advanced Camp if the dates work out and you are able to do it! Keep me posted!


  14. tzd says:

    I am totally interested in the advanced camp … but I haven’t done the “original” camp. Would I be missing out on topics by not doing the original camp? Can’t wait to hear the details and find out the dates!

  15. Lorri Langhoff says:

    I would love to attend a design basics weekend camp in the summer or fall!