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May has been extremely busy for me and I am just now getting around to my review of the beautiful things I saw at High Point Spring Market in April.  I went to my usual locales and a few new ones and generally enjoyed what I saw.

As is always the case, I loved the look of Hickory Chair. The stunning black and white print fabric from Thomas Paul that graced the entry was SO my style!! This market they were introducing a new collection by Mariette Himes Gomez and there were many lovely pieces in the group. I was especially fond of the new daybed whose cushion is the size of a twin matress. It’s perfect for doing double duty as a sofa and a bed in a small space!  But one of my favorite finds at Hickory Chair was not totally new. Because of the amazing Hickory Chair made to measure program, they had designed Suzanne Kasler’s Peidmont Dining Table in bar height. It was fantastic and functional and I can’t wait to use this idea!

Laura Holland with Hickory Chair told me that they are on a mission to “NOT turn down any requests for custom pieces unless they simply cannot make it work”!! This is a designers dream company and Hickory Chair has been that for me for quite some time. Designers who are not using them should take a serious look!!

I was excited about Elite Leather this market and their new introductions to the Nathan Turner collection. Nathan has become a new friend of mine and his furniture pieces are comfortable and well-priced while at the same time stylish and handsome. There were a couple of particularly fun accent pieces that I was crazy about including a pink leather cocktail surface and a GORGEOUS brown velvet sectional!! I will have more on Nathan this week.

Lee Industries is typically one of my favorites and once again they did not disappoint.  I especially loved the extra long sofas they displayed in their entry in simple white duck! I am still enjoying their grosgrain pillow detailing from last market too! And I always buy several of their antique and one of a kind pieces at market. This year those selections included a petrified wood accent table that is fabulous!

Soicher Marin introduced many new pieces I loved including several things from Suzanne Kasler and Mariette Himes Gomez.  I visited the Soicher Marin Los Angeles showroom in February and got a sneak peek at a few of their pieces but it was exciting to see them framed and displayed at market.  I also loved some of their “spa” collection pieces…details of bathroom fixtures and soap dishes that look abstract and industrial.

Barclay Butera’s showroom was especially charming this year in one of my favorite color palettes, red and light blue! Here is a great shot of their space but I will have a more in-depth look at Barclay’s introductions in a day or two.

Visual Comfort always looks great at market and with several new introductions from all the Hickory Chair designers (Thomas O’Brien, Alexa Hampton, Suzanne Kasler) they did not disappoint.

I loved the selections at Bradley Hughes.  Their greek key Heidi Pierce fabric on parsons chairs were right in line with my style! And several of the other fabrics including an overscale damask, were delicious!

I recently discovered a new mirror line called Made Goods and I was excited to see their pieces in person!! The quality and scale look great! Here is a fun freeform piece I liked that is sort of coral-esque but could have many other applications!

All in all I felt like Highpoint was worth my trip this spring. I can’t wait to show you soon how I am incorporating some of these fabulous finds into my current projects!!

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5 Responses to High Point 2009

  1. Maria Killam says:

    The greek key parsons chair was my favourite! Thanks for the tour for those of us that were not there!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Tobi, I love all of the selections, especially the artwork and the table setting in the second pic. The Made Good mirror is beautiful. I clicked on the link and I don’t think it was the right link though… you might have to look at it again…. great post as usual!


  3. Brillante says:

    Tobi, I like the selection you made for us and especially the blue chair and the Paul’s black & white fabric. Reading your interview with Ivan on his blog “Meade Design Group” gave me a great opportunity to know you better and to appreciate your style. Looking forward to read more.

  4. Tobi says:

    Thanks to you all for the comments! Glad you all liked my selections!!

    And Becky, I fixed the made goods link! There was an “s” missing! Thanks for letting me know. I was having some internet issues when I posted the blog while visiting Asheville, NC and couldn’t check them all out properly! Tobi

  5. michelle says:

    Love the way the greek key pattern is applied to that chair!! Also, great mirror…looks like you scoped out some great stuff:)

    Thanks for sharing with us!