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Tomorrow morning I am off on my quarterly trip to New York City! In wrapping up the final details and confirmations with my assistant, I happened to visit the new and improved website for the Empire, my hotel of choice! After staying there several times since they opened in 2007, it seems as if they have worked out all the kinks, have opened the spa and steak house and have everything running like clockwork! I especially love to hang out in the lobby bar to recoup from my work and shopping excursions!

So just in case you don’t know about the Empire, you should! It is perfectly situated in Front of Lincoln Center on the upper West side! And conveniently for me, only one block from my business consultant’s apartment! 

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4 Responses to Empire Hotel

  1. LindsB says:

    I just found your website, and I am IN LOVE! Your work is amazing! I think I just copied like 20 pictures to my inspiration file because they were just so stunning!

    I’m so excited to have a new daily read now- thanks!

  2. Ashley says:

    This looks fab. You’ll be living in the lap of luxury. Now all that remains to be done is to cook up a reason for you to take your order processor on biannual consulting excursions. Hm…I’ll have to get back to you on this.

  3. WOW- I am mad for this place- the rooms look like big Hermes boxes!!! I wish I could jet off here for some R&R in the city!