Day 24 of Things I Love: The City

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I Love the City! Particularly New York City but I am fond of many of the great cities around the world. I love the hustle and bustle, the restaurants, the shopping, the hotels, the arts and entertainment, the fashion, the people watching. It is all so exciting to me! Some of my other favorite cities include London, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

I find so much inspiration for my work in every city I have the opportunity to visit. And I am so excited that bright and early in the morning I am off with my husband to two cities that I have never visited before!

First a VERY quick visit to Seattle and a day with the lovely Cassandra from the fab blog Coco + Kelley is on the agenda for tomorrow. She is going to show me the “must sees” of her great city. I can hardly contain myself because besides that fact that I get to visit Seattle, I get a personal tour from Cass LaValle after all these months of getting to know her through our blogs, facebook and twitter. Exciting stuff indeed!

Then on to the gorgeous city of Vancouver for my husband’s conference and 3 relaxing but fun-filled days for me. This is not only my first trip to Vancouver but my first trip to Canada. Because of the blogosphere, I am again going to meet some wonderful designers and bloggers that I have been getting to know through the internet for the past several months. I will be the guest of honor at a fabulous brunch hosted by the charming Ivan Meade of Meade Design Group. Ivan has put together an amazing group of bloggers from the area and we will have an exciting roundtable discussion while enjoying a lovely morning meal!!

Also the beautiful and talented Patricia Gray will be my tour guide for a couple of days in the city! She is going to make sure that I see the best museums, hot spots, shops and more. And we will most likely be joined along the way by several of my other favorite bloggers from the Vancouver area.

I will have posts all about my glorious 4 days in blogger Heaven as I add these two fabulous cities to the places I have been.

So on this Day #24 of the Things I LOVE….Cities. And I am off to a couple in less than 24 hours…Hooray!

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7 Responses to Day 24 of Things I Love: The City

  1. woo hoo!! can’t wait and you better believe this will warrant a little follow up post on c+k! see you TOMORROW!

  2. Ruth Olbrych says:

    Been enjoying “what I love” posts. Todays hits close to home on more than one front.
    Although I live in the country I too love the city. (5 years in Bangkok Thailand was an amazing time in my life!) And as husband has just secured a job in NY I am thrilled that we will have a residence established just outside of the Big Apple in LOng Island!
    Enjoy Vancouver and Canada. I happen to be Canadian and am very proud of our cities…one close to my home stomping grounds is Toronto, although visiting Montreal more often these days as 2 of my kids are attending McGill which is in the heart of the city.

  3. I wish I was going with you! Sounds like a very full few days.
    I am a NY City kind of girl, I could move there in a New York second HA! HA! I always feel so charged and renewed after a visit.
    Have a fabulous time on your trip!

  4. How very fun and cool! Enjoy your time with all the wonderful friends you have made in such awesome places. We can’t wait to hear all the details. I just got back from Chicago and had an amazing time. With all the hustle bustle, so much to see and do, be sure to relax to find time for the spa too 🙂

  5. Oh how I agree with you! I can always feel a charge of excitement as we are getting ready to land in New York!

  6. michelle says:

    Can’t wait to see you Tobi!!

    NYC, Amsterdam and Paris are my favorite cities.

    Safe travels,

  7. Brooke Wallace says:

    JEALOUS!!! I can’t wait to hear about your trips and see some great pics, I’m sure. I hope you have a great, relaxing trip.