Day 17 of Things I Love: Afternoon Tea

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 One of my favorite indulgences is taking Afternoon Tea. I have made my way around some of the most fabulous tea rooms and tea services in the world. There is nothing more indulgent than perfect finger sandwiches, warm scones with cream or lemon curd and a spread of beautiful tiny sweets!

My favorites include:

The Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans (pictured above)

The Inn on Biltmore Estate in Ashville North Carolina

The Ritz in London

The Carlyle Hotel in New York City

The Florian in Venice

Neiman Marcus in San Francisco

BG at Bergdorf Goodman in New York

The Four Seasons London


There a many sources for finding the most fabulous places to have tea! One of my favorites is the charming book New York’s 50 Best Places to Take Tea by Bo Niles. You can buy it here on


For my birthday this year, my great friends over at New River Artisans sent me a beautiful box tied with a big pink bow! And inside, to my delight, was a “Sunday Afternoon Tea for Four” meant to be taken by my daughter and me and two guests of our choosing! Well after a few months of a busy schedule we finally got our tea on the calendar for last Sunday in our home.

The caterer set the table with fun things to delight our young tea drinkers! Bunny dishes and heart-shaped PB&J’s were part of the spread.

Ellison chose my mom and my niece to be our guests and the girls came dressed in their party attire and ready for a little special treatment. We had a delightful afternoon and all went pretty well considering the age of our guests!

A special thanks is in order to Leith at New River and to Catering to You for providing such a beautiful tea!

Day #17 of the Things I Love: Afternoon Tea, especially when I am in good company!

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3 Responses to Day 17 of Things I Love: Afternoon Tea

  1. Darnold23 says:

    How lovely…so much fun.

  2. michelle says:

    Tea at the Empress in Victoria is tops for me! Licorice Spice is my favortite at home. Curd tastes better than it sounds, doesn’t it?

  3. Shani says:

    Afternoon tea is also one of my favorites. Isn’t it as if time pauses for that time that you sip and chat and enjoy? My mom used pull out the tea service often and we would have tea in our living room, or we would go down to Chicago (we lived in Wisconsin back then) to The Ritz-Carlton to take tea there. Now we will sometimes go to The Charleston Place when we want to go somewhere special for tea! I love the photos of your tea party! So sweet and it looks like you all had such a wonderful time! What a fantastic gift!