Making your list and checking it twice!

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Only 14 more shopping days before Christmas!! Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for friends and family and some amazing things I would love for myself!! I am sure you can guess which ones I wish Santa would put under my tree. 

Tobi’s 2008 Gift Guide

Gifts under $50.00

Wine Lable Remover kit $12.00 from Amazon.  I think these are perfect for remembering your favorite wines and posting them in your journal.

Williams Sonoma Footed Candy Dish $24.95.  I saw this in person and I LOVE it! It is classic and I would use it for all sorts of things, not just candy! It would be fun in sets of 3 for dips or condiments!

Table Topics cards from Pottery Barn or Red Envelope $25.00.  These are really neat! We had something similar at my yoga retreat last month and they really led to some deep conversation! Great hostess gift!


And you just can’t have too many books! Especially Decorating Books.  And one of the few I don’t have yet is this Domino Book. At Amazon $32.00. 

Talking about books, check out William Yeoward on Entertaining for $40.00. My mom and I can’t get enough of tableware and entertaining, this might just make it’s way to her stocking!!

To personalize your books and stationary, this stamp would be perfect.  You can find it on Fine Stationary or at local retailers including my stationary source, Molly’s Paperie starting around $40.00.

Gifts under $100.00

Or if you are a little more old-fashioned, this embosser helps you keep track of your library!!  Available at the same retailers as the stamp, this is in the $60.00 price range.

 Red Envelope Wine Tasting Set $69.95.  I love blind tastings…they are so much fun! This one comes with score cards and everything!  It’s perfect for your next supper club! paperweights at $68.00 are so chic! And who would this not work for?? There are TONS of designs for both men and women and all can be personalized. Order by December 19 for Christmas delivery!!

This Set of 12 monthly journals from Pottery Barn is $99.00.  I really hope that I get this! I am excited to keep a journal for my daughter month to month that she can read when she grows up!


Gifts under $200.00

And if you want something just a little more substantial than the paperweights, try a Lucite Tray from They come in 3 different sizes starting at $100.00 and are available in all the colors and patterns.


I saw these beautiful carafes in the Hamptons this summer and fell in love.  They are by William Yeoward and are $175.00.  I am partial to the Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Noir!!  All my family would fight over these…I can’t decide who should get one!

Luxury Gifts

A Hot Item this year is Amazon‘s Kindle.  It is $359.00 and there is currently a waiting list for it.  And I understand why…you can get tons of books, magazines, newspapers and blogs write in the palm of your hand!  I conveniently have a birthday just a few weeks after Christmas, surely they will be back in stock by then!!

I love this Tory Burch Orange Logo Sweater from Saks Fifth Avenue and other Tory retailers for $250.00 ! I happen to have seen it in a local boutique and even tried it on.  Then I dropped a few hints with some of my family!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I just can’t think of anything more exciting than getting Hermes Balcon China! If you order from Gumps, you’ll pay $440.00 for 4 dinner plates.

How do you make something so practical so fantastic?? Get out of the rain with this Burberry Hooded Rain Coat from Saks Fifth Avenue $695.00.

And from the King of Footwear, the ultimate in Luxury this year…Christian LeBoutin’s Yellow Platform Pumps $735.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue .  And if you just can’t stand to go yellow, you can’t go wrong with the classic black platform! And you save $35.00 in the process!


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One Response to Making your list and checking it twice!

  1. I adore everything on this list Tobi—what a great round up! Of course true to my champagne taste, my faves are the burberry jacket (it’s been on my dream list forever!) and the hermes china (which I mostly want just so I can start a collection of the gorgeous orange boxes that it comes in!)

    Love your blog and your main site—your work is just stunning! I’d love to do a feature on my blog in the future if that’s cool with you…

    Hope you’re having a great holiday season so far 🙂