It’s not easy being Green!

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I know the Green movement is in full swing! And I am a huge fan of it! One of my favorite books is Green Chic—saving the earth in style by Christie Matheson. And as Matheson so profoundly says “Being Green isn’t a fad…it’s timelessly chic!” I am on board 100% and I am so glad that luxury design products are finally starting to take notice and offer some options for environmentally-friendly products with a lot of style.

But today, I am not talking about the Environment. I’m talking color.  It’s such a personal thing. And often your taste in color changes as you age and mature.  My early design work was full of bold colors, often on the walls and in fabrics.  I was younger then with a lot more energy, and loved the stimulation that color gave me while I was working long hours to build my business. Color is also a great way to hide a multitude of sins with walls that are not so perfect.  And it can add visual interest to spaces that are not architecturally exciting. So when we could not afford a beautifully detailed space, color was a great way to vamp it up a bit.

Now, almost 10 years later, I still love color, but I usually use it in a little more subtle way.  Don’t get me wrong, I can still pop a bright fushia floral print drapery, or a rich blue velvet sofa in a space, but for the most part, walls are toned down, furniture finishes are a little softer. I attribute this to not only my experience and age but also to my need for serenity in my home in contrast to my extremely busy lifestyle.  Keeping up with 40 clients, 8 employees, dozens of vendors and one vociferous 3-year-old will make anyone yearn for a retreat!

Now, I like almost every color, though some better than others.  And when I was developing my own design scheme for my new home last year, I wanted to select something that I had not used very often. A color that would seem new and fresh and exciting, while at the same time give me that relaxing retreat that I longed for. So what did I choose…Green!  What color could be more fresh than green? It is natural and organic. It is cool and calming.  And certain shades of it happen to rank right up there at the top of my Favorites.

As Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green”! Green is a tough one for many people to get their arms around, and especially their furniture. Most people either love it or they hate it. And believe me it is a dangerous one to execute in a design scheme.  If not used just perfectly, it can look like a science experiment gone extremely wrong.  I even have it on good authority that one of my favorite government leaders doesn’t care for it at all.

But my family and I are really pleased with the way Green came together in our home.  Our living room and dining room are two of our favorite spaces! Especially our Barclay Butera Wing Chairs and of course those beloved Spitzmillers! One of my personal favorites, the amazing crewel paired with chartreuse vinyl on our dining room chairs by Hickory Chair.

See how beautifully they photographed! And they look even better in person.

And I think green is being used really well right now by several of my favorite furniture and textile designers.  I would love for you to see some of my favorite pieces.  Had I known about any of these when I was designing my home, I would have certainly planned a space for many of them.  And who knows, I might still sneak one or two of them in when my husband isn’t looking! I hope you like these things as much as I do. And if you are going Green Chic, whether the color or the movement (I advise doing both), best of luck with your project!

Jan Showers’ AMAZING Green Venetian Glass Lamps! I am dying to put these in a project!

This William Switzer table is spectacular with its Baroque influence.  And if you don’t care for the Lime Green top, you’re in luck! It comes in several standard colors and for an extra charge can be customized in any color.

The Beautiful New Fabric Collection by London designer Trisha Guild is a tribute to historical fabrics of English Royalty.  I am crazy about many of the large-scale damask patterns but the green color way is my favorite!

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  1. Ashley says:

    I too love the Hermes Balcons china. I am trying to decide right now which silver and crystal to pair it with to really make it pop and get the right mix of classic and modern. Any suggestions?